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So that makes it easier to wash their ponds. I gotta get a dog, Paul Washer. I gotta do that. I am. I used baby wipes to clean her. You know, because I wanna make sure that her Area is very clean. You know, on a date. See, this is how exciting my life is telling you all across the country about baby wipes in the dog. I'm just saying it works for the For the dog owners out there. Baby wipes work very well for the dog, All right? Nancy. Thanks for being a voice of reason. I'm from Pennsylvania still feel like they're on answered election questions, and it frustrates me. The large part of the U. S. Will never have answers and were made to feel like we're crazy if we raise any questions My husband and I stopped listening to Fauci. Once he admitted to lying. We have been researching our own info. Thank you for being the voice for so many of us Wolf Nancy. Thank you for listening. And thank you for being the reason I can have a voice like this spokes like you listen. And Yeah, I find just I find it so so deeply. I really mean this so deeply UN American. And therefore it's very troubling, very unsettling. The way in which we are told to shut up. Be quiet and listen to what we're told now. I find that Really troubling. I'm really do not like this. You know, we're not allowed Todt an ask for the explanation. Can't even put out there the question without being attacked and without even suffering consequences for asking the wrong kind of question about things like an election or about things like, you know, the medical benefits of a nationwide mask policy or something and a lot to ask these questions, and I think that's I think that's really deeply troubling, and I think it's something that we should all be very worried about, because it just means that we're moving away from some of the most. Precious things that we have in our society. Brandon. Hey, Buck. I think the Republicans new motto should be you first whenever Democrats want to have the Republicans reprimand a person for their spoken word. Response would be you first. When Biden wants your job to go away and you learn to code our response should be you first when they decide to send our boys away to fight another useless war. Our response should be. Yep. We get it. Brendan, I agree with your sentiment. I'm not sure that it would really stop them from doing and saying the things that they do, but I appreciate we're coming from with it and On. Certainly, hypocrisy continues to be one of the great Failing of great points of failure for Democrats, so That's that's something that's not going to change any time soon. And yes, I mean, I had the level with John Kerry. I didn't We didn't play this in the show we might tomorrow. You know, there's this. There's this clip of him going. He's flying to Iceland. Just not not a people. Long flight from the eastern United States at least It's fine to Iceland any. He takes a private jet to wake to get a climate change award in Iceland. That private jet flight means that he put out in one day more CEO to than you and your family probably will in a year. And or whatever the metrics or I don't know, but it's something crazy like that. And his response was well, This is really the only the only choice for people like me. Yeah, Four guys, you become super rich by marrying a divorce. A from another super rich guy like that's That's what John Kerry means He's important and powerful and really rich. Because he is on. So that's how this works. That's how this goes. Like Of course, he's taking a private shed. You should ride a bicycle when you want to go to Iceland and how that works, Whatever. You know, maybe maybe you find ah, piece of like floating glacier or something that you can get on and hope that it takes you to Iceland on your bicycle. And, of course, absurd, But you get what I'm saying. Your suffering. Your inconvenience is irrelevant. The climate change to the climate change zealots. They don't suffer through that stuff, though, of course, and you're not allowed to notice that if you notice that you're part of the problem. If you notice that it's it's on you. All right, Richard a buck. Buck Rogers is amazing. It's up there with Princess of Mars and Flash Gordon. One reason I love Elon Musk is he took the old iconic space rocket that's always depicted in those shows. And they made that design work soon. People will be going into space on rockets that look exactly like Buck Rogers Rockets. How awesome is that? Keep your ray guns at the ready and your eye on shields. Hi. Richard. I like it, my man. Great message. Thanks So much for writing in and I'm excited to check out this new buck Rogers thing because then hopefully people will know my name and stop making dumb jokes about it. I've heard all the jokes. I've heard them all million times. They do not. In fact, it funnier overtime. Just saying Stay tuned for the Mark Levin Show right after Buck Sexton on talk radio 6 80 wcbm. Are you worried by the market or the value of the dollar? What's the stock market doing today? How about next month or next quarter? One thing that puts me at ease is knowing I could get real gold and silver from the Oxford Gold Group. If you haven't purchased gold or silver, yet now is the time. If you.

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