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Caught offside with every gumming and JJ Davani Lucy. Lucy the ball on to the dorm adad check is everything in sweet spot. Into the penalty would go up stacks rush. My just United show to the last night of the Champions League. He's given the panel check in kids Paul toe the penalty, it's annex. Offside from the Upper West side of Manhattan, Andrew gulling and JJ Davani after an absolutely exhilarating. Couple of days in the round of sixteen of the Champions League. What's up, brother? Oh, man. It's the best football in the world, especially the last few seasons with all the goals in the drama Champions League nocco football. We wouldn't you wouldn't want to touch this formula UEFA, you wouldn't want to do that. Now. You're right. Like this is perfect. Just leave it as it is. There are very few things in the game that you could say are perfect. No, actually, that's wrong. There's plenty in the game. That's perfect. But I get what you're don't deviate from the this this competition when it when it is humming. Like it was the last couple of days. There are the you'd have to say almost like only the World Cup is more. Yeah. If oaks more like, passion, and joy outrage, and all that this was so much fun being a soccer fan over the last couple of days. And I know, you know, everybody listening to us here in the US like you're at work. And you're like you've got it streaming or you've got a TV on with it. It's it's like, it's just so much fun. But talk about something for the American worker that's into soccer. This is hugely important these weeks break up your week. You're getting a choose Danna Wednesday, which let's be honest. Choose afternoons Wednesday afternoons there the back break. Of the of the average industrial workers week. And this changes changes everything. I'm so curious if people because I talk all the time about how I had here to the DVR method. Like, I think it can be done. It takes a lot of effort and willpower, but you can DVR man shut yourself off from society work in sports me. Why couldn't do it this week for Spurs? It was it was too tough. So I was watching while I was at work. But I'm curious if like which side people go with like Manchester United fans watching live yesterday. Did they DVR and watch when they got back home and try to just like disconnect completely. It's such a hard thing to do. But it can be done. If you're willing to long lunch breaks, you're willing to put in the effort. I'll tell you what. Let's talk about it right now, we're gonna talk with sid. Low of the guardian. ESPN AFC contributor has got a book out Spanish football podcast as well. He's got his hands in everything Spanish football related. He'll talk about realm adroit with us in a few minutes. Because my God. I mean, like it's hard to say that it's a club in shambles. When you're they like. In a vacuum. They are in the Champions League knockout stage they are top three in league. But for Real Madrid like they're just saw falling..

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