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Geico Doug Dominic Robb among other business leaders of Amazon's contingency planning was what they were planning. For civil, unrest within, two weeks of a no, deal Brexit basis but that we'd be running a food that might be medicines which will be out to get into the country planes might have difficulty traveling across the. Continent, etc etc which might cause civil unrest of as my argue visit just a continuation of main side project fear, and big business, using its clout to scare the population, into a close relationship with Europe in reality you know I'm pretty scared about about was it a big company which knows about distribution centers and and and and then producing goods is warning, of civil unrest as a result of a no deal Brexit well you say that they're obviously going to be stating the. Extreme. Example because we, are negotiating not just with Brussels but when ago sheeting internally within parties within business communities that's going to be the very Very very worst case scenario isn't it yeah but I don't I, mean. I'd. Ever coup about being Meghan tears gamma referendum campaign recoup, Boris Yeltsin oh Michael go saying oh by the way you never smooth counts of no Dale and if that happens when Moby civil. Unrest and, yeah this, guy could be using his, clout to try and persuade people back a close relationship with Europe equally it was a comment made behind closed doors and he had no incentive or no reason to. Think, what we'd even get out to the public it was leaked by another person present meeting they really think I, think that that, anyone that says anything in any meeting, now is under a fair assumption Gets out You know that someone is going to get into the public domain, and they they must have been fairly a. Weather this this would be. Become, public yeah maybe I'm just no, experienced enough but it's amid also the government's Brexit plans. In disarray Vittori party was tearing itself. Apart, yet again yesterday on the Sunday shows don't make grieve warned, for breakfast tearing apart. Batory party and the second referendum on Theresa May's deal might be the only. Celikkol left John Major, also mentioned but the people's Amodio was morally justified, because enough it's changed really since the last referendum and enough of promises and expectations built in by the. Big vote Lee figures had failed. To materialize on the, other hand you have Dominic Robb striking optimistic note saying the deal would be possible. By Tober if the Europeans, are reciprocated the Brits ambition pragmatism an energy problem which is going to have to come, into play and pretty soon Anyway doesn't it it's not in anyone's interest, is not in Europe's interest let alone our interests for this to all collapse into chaos and civil unrest I completely? Agree with you and I think that's why John Major. Was dumped agreed with his second referendum might be the only solution because Brussels Leave camp remained campaign is still potentially at least government not being lap pragmatic it completely rejected the UK's proposals full of a, city of London said for it would remove Brussels decision making your Ptolemy because it could be, Representative Brussels to decide what happens with financial regulations and it can be shared between a country.

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