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Andrew Sorolla winter. Mcdonagh his own, Ed. Pounds it down the ice. So a delay of game minor against the lightning. Flyers are over one of the game in the power play. It comes gossips bear railing jerus- center. Cross as vortex traps it with a skate nicely across the belied, high sly love Secretaria centerpoint gossip right one four check rips a shot over the net premiums going to come to sorelle any backhands it out down the length of the ice. Flyers have a minute thirty two left in their power play McDonnell and Gutis assist on the drew highlight reel goal to get the game tied at two. Here comes gossips spare sneaking his way up the middle, etc. Ice goes cross as for Jake Vora. Check in the right wing protects it cross as feed nearly stolen by gore. But it does come to Jerusalem taps it in on bass Leschi tries to keep moving bar cornerstone that is tied up by jerus- Jerusalem, a little feat blocked by pocket comes the gourd. Couldn't clear held in check right circle. Gossip spare center point four. Check shoots deflected and fraud. Say made by Lasky rebound strong trying to clear held in Jerusalem circle. Drew is tied up by Yanni gourd lightning after the puck. It's gonna Bob slow to four check point holds in right circle. Gaza spare Jane Gaza spare to the right circle dishes at centerpoint board. Check shoots wide, right. Rebound comes in front. A little on a shot from Simmons off their Qatari. Eight thirty in the penalty banks, LaPointe Jerusalem, right point four. Check. Right circle gossip spare back project vortex. Centerpoint left circle. Drew one time shot save Basle, husky holds on twenty nine seconds left in the penalty, which is being served by GT Miller to to our score in the second. Boy, I'll tell you what Simmons is having some major problem. There was another one was right there. And.

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