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App here's jeremy shop welcome to another edition of supporting light coming up later in the show will be speaking with gregg was shinsegi a man who knows all things puck but first we start with a man who knows all things soccer's world cup gets underway in russia this week we're joined by the one only the global phenomenon roger bennett roger thank you for joining us jeremy shop is an on a a real on to be with the thank you so much roger bennett for those of you who don't know is one of the two men in blazers formerly espn now they have another affiliation who bring their unique perspective on sports and the world and popular culture especially soccer to a a large audience around the world they are also the co authors that is michael and roger of a new book which i highly recommend encyclopedia blazers hanukkah a sub optimal guide to soccer as you guys like to say america's sport of the future since nineteen seventy two as if that were not enough roger has also just dropped within the last week a twelve episode podcast series american fiasco about what happened to the nineteen ninety eight us men's national team in france it really serves though roger it's not just a history of that particularly ignominious window in france of the course of just about fifteen days in the summer of nineteen ninety eight it's really a primer as well i should say on american soccer up to that point of all the stories you could tell about a sport about what you are so passionate why this depressing sad chapter.

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