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Lou thanks so much for the contribution really appreciate it thank you another angle from that that day it was smoking hot and president nixon former president nixon attended the game dave righetti was twenty four years old when he threw that no hitter george steinbrenner turned fifty three years old that day dave winfield caught the two bullets wade boggs hit in that game he was playing center field that that day and greg nettles always the prankster in an old article written by anthony mccarron of the daily news at the time wrote greg nettles broke the dugout taboo of talking to the pitcher when he approached righetti to discuss their post game plans for travelling to atlantic city for the all star break this is the last game before the allstar break natal's set out the game with pink righetti told him you're not driving i can drive nettles responded he was the only guy i heard getty said he thought he was easing my mind or relaxing me and maybe he was before the ninth inning began fans got to their feet and cheered wildly something they had done much of the day righetti walk to jeff newman leading off and got two groundouts to set setup boxes at bad goose gossage was already warmed up in the bullpen and righetti says now he probably would have been replaced had he allowed a hit to bogs who wound up winning the batting title with a three sixty one average that year bugs who struck out only thirty six times that year all year with don to two slider righetti and nettles made their trip nettles drove and they famously got a police escort the last few miles from new jersey sick trooper who had pulled them over it was less of a memorabilia crazy time so righetti didn't keep many souvenirs cleats were gone from his locker when he returned from doing several rounds of post game interviews the ball from the final out in his cap to he says most treasured memories are things sent to him by fans but bre getty's memory is vivid it just never goes away to me it special i coveted even now more because i always thought i was going to get back and start i thought maybe i'd have another shot at it we welcome your phone calls on the toll free at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six in readers in south orange new jersey for us on ed randall's talking baseball on the fan read good morning.

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