Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Gene Robinson discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Number four, you gene Robinson Washington Post suggested that Trump hands sully. Hello nature of the award. He gives this awards a Hello award. Maybe someday it'll be how long again do people wants to associate himself with Z likes golf. But Trump is tarnished this award by giving into tiger with Christine Brennan, formerly of the Washington Post now USA today, she was on CNN last night talking about this tiger with more heartfelt and more emotional than Donald Trump who I think he's stiff even one sentence of the Wikipedia entry on Tiger Woods. My goodness. That went on forever. You can see Donald Trump wants to attach himself to Tiger Woods. And that's what I think. This was about when you think about golf, you think about these two men linked together. This was just a kind of a bro of almost like a nineteenth hole without the alcohol. It was all about golfing and Trump attaching himself to no it wasn't this. This is why there isn't any depth anymore in in journalism Tiger Woods required. Eight years. The. Comeback from that ninety ran over the fire hydrant outside his house. You remember the cascade of events to cascade of revelations that happened and then the physical injuries, and then all of the surgeries that had to take place in all of the Canada media hammered Tiger Woods for years. He's never going to the sports media wanted him to come back the golf sports media dead. But the rest of the media just hammered him and they've been hammering ever since they learn he plays golf with Trump. They can't believe he won't announce Trump's that have been hammering him for that. And yet he stands by. This was not a bro event. This was somebody recognizing what Tiger Woods has done to regain.

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