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Play by play voice in a big game for the hot guys in Ann Arbor against the Michigan Wolverines on Saturday I think it should be an awesome game Gerry get Abby on the bench. good to be with you the best time of the year to get the Major League playoffs so just it's hard to appear on the hockey scores and of course sure. you were at the conference portion of the schedule for a car college football and doing a better in the big ten specially in October November the winds are blowing the temperatures drop and you better be able to run the football natural I'm fired up about Saturday's game of that July because last week they were wrapped up like three hundred fifty yards on like fifty plus Kerry's I know they were playing middle Tennessee I know they had a huge you know size advantage in a game but you guys you played I'm so did Michigan and you guys both pop don't need both put up forty plus against them but I love to watch and I was running game actually watch the game in ages ran it down their throats. they've got a for the first month of the season they haven't you know they've they've played I was state which is a quality opponent is you know they they played some good teams shut Rucker's Miami of Ohio on opening weekend last week the consistency has been that the Palin sure you mention the run the rushing attack that averaged over two hundred yards rushing in a cut and you know Stanley is a third year starting quarterback a senior he's been spectacular a touchdown throws no interceptions and and I think that's been the key is the balance in the offense was led to ten twelve minutes more in clock position each game now granted Michigan is is a different Cup of tea but this is a very confident I will football team heading to Ann Arbor on Saturday for for the reasons you just mentioned other plan well on offense the defense has been solid if not spectacular and I think they'll turn it up a notch or two starting the this every morning they've got so many contributions torrent young you know I I thought it was impressive Smith more sad I had a big touchdown run sergeant was pounding the ball I mean are given a different guys to produce for me it really is impressive when you spread it around like that we're much more multi dimensional on offense should this should this is without question the deepest most talented receiving corps isn't it ironic that they lose two tight ends in the first round last spring and then there's the rebuilding their that's a given but they've got four five receivers that of all I've had terrific games in the non conference of mayors with Marcia it is you mention the kid on a new Jersey's he's been tremendous but Brandon Smith on the other side is their big target they've got kid named Nicole regaining from New England whose or punt returners got great speed they've got another kid in Oliver Martin you transferred in ironically from Michigan are you still learning the offense get out of. the Annapolis Tyrone Tracy has been a terrific especially the last couple weeks this is without question the deepest receiving corps terms of talent the cur currency said in his twenty one years and and ensure their their complete package on offense given the rushing attack as always been solid now the receiving corps stepped up and defensively they've been they've been steady and now they they need to play better starting Saturday but everybody does in the picture I died Gary dolphin the legendary voice of the Hawkeyes with as I Brandon Smith that thing's been playing really well I got the kit buyer the big tight and that they do he catches it I like him stumbling around and bang and I mean there's so many different options tell me about that defense Gary as you go to and are we going to have to deal with the Wolverines ache in school are and I think everyone wrote a loss after they look so poor and losing you know big and going on a road and and you know I started taking all the abuse but I think that you know they can still score you got to deal with them tell me about the hot guys do you get going into this game. all things for all first of Michigan you know everybody has a bad day at the office and they had a horrible one in Madison but you know what I've been to camp Randall many times it's hard to go in there and win now I'm sure Michigan wasn't expecting that kind of result or the way it laid out but I think we saw the truer Michigan team last week against Rutgers and I also think Wisconsin is that they're they're terrific they're the team to beat the west in the lockers are up to the challenge in my opinion we'll find out here in a couple weeks up in Madison as for the eye with the French HA up on us whose everybody's preseason all America pick a defensive and he's been double team consistently they'll even ship them with the running back and and the other guys on that line have started to step up as the season has worn on it in the they're going to have to have that chance Egleston said Rick Latimore two kids out of Detroit the really flashed in the outback bowl new year's day and and they need to they need to be better and they will be better not dating on Nixon I like him he he he had seven tackles last week two and a half for loss of the shack Alabama for him in the spring and thankfully he kept his command with the Iowa come other junior college you'll be huge on Saturday no question but I think AJ's ready to just step up the nose the spotlight's going to be on an epic ness is that good you'll you'll see that base for three D. French the you know other beat up on the secondary I always get a lot of injuries in the secondary kids they were counting on this year so until they get back here in the next week or two you're going to see that base for three defense get aftershave Patterson and hopefully force minister the stage I think you know it really is amazing the run that Aaron's has been on there he's like god date these got like Gary dolphin type numbers I mean twenty three years I me the rotten to you two guys are on is just you can't even make this stuff up. to be along side of Amer least up in the press box colonus games with ease as class your coach is a is a a good coach and and he's been consistent he doesn't compromises values he doesn't promise these young guys anything when they come here each tells them you know we're going to build you from the strength and conditioning perspective we're gonna put you in a good position position to to be successful each and every week you're gonna get your degree when you leave Iowa and you're going to be successful in your life whether it should be in football beyond college or or running corporation and and just buy into it manage work for Kirk and you know the other component there it is she's one of two coaches in the last forty years you know the other one was hating fry and he's the one who really turned it around for awhile in the late seventies but they only had two or three athletic directors in two or three head coaches and you know there's something to be said about stability and consistency in the right way absolutely the continuity editing is a difference I have that as yet at the I just think it's fascinating that you when you are like a banking executives you were like calling the games and then so how was it cool was a cool and everyone came into the bank and they like I mean like did it help you close deals because everyone was like sucking up to you know when I came into the bank because your voice at all I'll be using that leverage Gary because you had it all down here like the voice of god and then you're everybody's favorite banker given out loans people come in and I don't even know whether they remember their checking book I mean honestly Gary. so you think that was fascinating I will tell you it's a it's a little easier to knock on doors and get a first visit from the prospect of a customer or a potential customer if you tell me the voice of the Hawkeyes in the state of Iowa they look at you can do for you but yeah that that that that's been a fun double career for me and you know I think working in in the corporate world this may be a better broadcaster because there are things going on out there is you know other than than college football games are college basketball games every day but I will tell you it's a nice alternative to when I get done at five o'clock for all slow listen you are great and do and by us and you know I love both immensely but I play basketball everyday of my life I'm fifty four and I still play seven days a week and I literally I'm obsessed with the game like to the point where I put down a golf clubs I just play basketball it's all I do and I still have game how much do you enjoy late literally calling the basketball games compared to the football already I know you love them both but does the basketball get you're going or is it more the football field you know I've been answered a thousand times and in their search the the different they're they're just they're such opposites it's great to have twenty seconds in between plays football but get your brother to turn it over to the greatest total lack and then let the former Kansas City Chiefs hall of Famer tell you why what happened just happened and then a basketball with Bobby Hansen well I know you know from is days with the bulls and and Utah it's it's more back and forth it's it's more of a of runs in the blood pressure's going a little a little higher and and you know the blood flow a little faster the heartbeats racing racing especially in the big ten and just at our basketball media day was yesterday and Tonya between Michigan state of Maryland one through that that that's quite the punch counter punch and and and then there's everybody else trying to claw their way into the first division of the big ten it's going to be a phenomenal winter but we got plenty of football to decide your first you know how do you like that does iconix it. into stadiums like I grew up go and it you now Michigan my mom and dad both went to Michigan I was conceived there unfortunately but I you know I was never a big guy a Michigan man but I did like watching Rick leach play quarterback when I was a kid they almost tried to brainwash me and you know I went to Indiana and we don't even have a football program but I was there when Bob knight won national championships in eighty seven so that was good enough for me I'm still catching receipts on that but how do you like going to that iconic stadiums like Ann Arbor and then it like assembly hall and carver hot guy you do every night and you know Columbus and they're just so many great institutions and to call games and it would just get me like hot and bothered I'd be all ladder up calling games in those stadiums are so awesome yeah there there isn't much I can add to what you just said I mean there's there's nothing better a better than called again the carver Hawkeye arena such a unique designed arena that you know lute Olson built when he had to go on back in the seventies and eighties and I was city with that said when when you go to value city arena or I still call the Chrysler Breslin center Madison the call center the old barn in Minneapolis Nebraska's got to go on a pinnacle bank arena there are there are so many great venues and and it's it's it's not so much it it is it is all about it's a lot about the arena's but it's more about the fans you got what you know there is you know.

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