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Yeah that'd be sort of a passive aggressive yeah we could be barefoot every way betterment abo darted when like mom assan caught top assan beating off one too many times it now she needed to here on pay gosh and launch we look i got slippers that got for leno got furlined slippers she'll come up like a ninja on your ass you got someone with their shoes i should get her these shoes christmas going to tap slippers it's like there's a clydesdale on hall no javale's guys ever in busted because all the hampers those screens and they're very vero grew over the ricepaper in the screen they must we got caught someone got caught beating off what one too many times and went on invented a new show it's a new national shoe all the ladies have to wear it wild uncomfortable years i know that thing we kick are she was off before we enter the house floor while we got right here endorse dr shares you'll never get caught beating off as long as you always wearing though she is right to have your kalbe peril all right so it's called yekini coup which means grilledmeat these restaurants are all over japan there popping up with these meat cakes i think you probably rather than meet cake than regular click for your birthday i love i my whole thing with the whole like benny hana thing and all kinds of i love it it's just the orders wrong you have to get all the meat first and then you get all the vegetables and then you'll get all the right it and you're in of just eating all of that that lands on your flight and at the end they got over the rice and they give you a pile of rises like i want to mess around with them in the ruling the vegetable but other than that now yes let's bring it on you got it i'm gina grad and that's the news sent up.

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