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When you try to speak somebody else's language they give you a lot more grace and that's exactly what this is is when you're speaking you're making it about the other person 'cause you're speaking their language and that just builds report like you wouldn't believe there's a lot of times so i get hired out for entertainment events where people will hire me to come work like i did young presidents organization last month in fort worth where i just read people's faces so i don't teach them how to do it but i just come in and i call it payed practice where i come into. Event now reasons face and seminole ten times if it's a larger group somebody's gonna cry because it's the first time that anybody's ever seen them the way that they see themselves. A lot of people feel dismissed ignored avoided by even the very people in their life. And what's really ironic about it as a lot of times. It's people have rounded eyebrows because people rounded eyebrows thinking about the people around them. I in themselves second and so. They're so busy doing everything for everybody else. That they don't think anybody thinks of them. And so when i read their face a used to like shock me and so when somebody would start crying i would start apologizing in. I learned not to do that now. Talking about body language. What i did is if somebody started having that emotional reaction i knew i need to step away and give them space until they felt comfortable. Then i would come back in right. So it's learning to your mirian matching part. You have to know body language and proximity of people and everything else and yes reading. Their face will tell you a little bit about. How do you use all that. Do you mind giving us a little shirt breakdown. I'll pop up on the screen here. Just recently did a training for an rv dealership so this is how you build report with customers when they walk in the door right so let me make sure it shows up on screen here and i'll be looking a little bit away while it does. Let's your fine get and then out. Perfect figuring it out all right. I'll have to teacher. So i'll go to this fairly quick. So i'm just gonna kinda recap what we talked about earlier. I'm gonna show you the three types of eyebrows. The one thing. I always want to leave. People with are those and the reason for that is when you look at people's eyebrows leads the eye contact and that is a game changer in itself so even if you never tell somebody that you're what you're doing right you just look at their eyebrows thinking okay. What shape is it. What shai modify but that even look at somebody's eyebrows. They feel like you're paying attention. I'm a just creates totally different bond. So with that being said this excited. I'm going to be a student right now..

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