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Dot Brooks and Dunn, and that's what Grammy album of the year winner. Casey must graves and hard working man with the brothers Osborne. You're gonna miss me when I'm gone with Ashley McBride, boots Guten boogie with Midland, and this is brand new man with Luke homes. Now. As that. Going back to their Las Vegas residency with REBA mcentire, which I've seen. It's fantastic. They do it at Caesar's that'll happen on June twenty six roofs, and Dan will also play the Houston rodeo on February twenty seventh and this came after a pretty public split from these two, I don't know. I know I'm the one that follows country music here. But Victoria, I know you have probably heard that they took a break. There was never any bad blood. They stopped performing together other than this residency that they do a couple of times a year at Caesars. And so for them to kind of commit your rebooting these songs and bringing in a whole new generation to country music. That's pretty cool. I think it makes a lot of sense. I'm not familiar with any of these songs, but having just heard my next broken heart. The new version with John party. That's that's a great song. So I think it's I think it's a smart idea to take all of their songs and Casey must graves right now is so hot. She's everywhere says at the Oscar she won big at the Grammy. So I think anything that she touches right now kind of turns to gold. So it's a I think it's a smart move. The weird thing is I always think of them as sort of a classic country duo, I don't think of them as only forming in one thousand nine hundred ninety one. That's a good tribute sedan. Sound like they've been together longer. They have a million hits. And what's fun about watching them in the residency arena is that you get to hear all those songs that you love so much watching them come up and some of their new stuff for newer stuff. Some of their old stuff. Everything is so packed full with heads that you bring in a whole new generation of country music audiences because that you'll bring in these this young talent that in some cases, we'll sing some of their classic songs as part of their own performances in their new concert. So I think this is a smart idea from them. Them back in in the public eye. And of course, brings their songs to this whole new generation this song, by the way is believe with Kane rounds he can check it out on the reboot album on April the fifth. It is the J V show at twenty eight minutes past the hour. Your attitude determines how you hear things. This is emotional management. I'm Dr Christian Conti have you ever noticed that one person can be extremely bothered by the same noise? And another person finds pleasure in the reason. That's so is it's not the sound itself. The determines how we hear things but are attitudes. One person might hear the sound of crows, for instance, and think it's hunting another might find joy in trying to hear what kind of crow dialogue.

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