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Time. Dave Anthony Fox News. That's what the president says about his trip to Kenosha. Today, President Trump is expected to tour damage here. Scores have burned out and looted businesses and meet with law enforcement today, refusing to back down to calls by Wisconsin's governor and other Democrats to skip his trip here. Stephan also will be there. When the president arrives his critics of the visit. We could make things worse after the protest over Jacob like shooting by police, he counters also increased enthusiasm. And it could increase love and respect for our country. And the president says his Democratic challenger refuses to blame. The antifa anarchists, he says, caused the destructive protests. We cannot name the problem. There's no way that he'll solve the from you Don't name it, you know solved Well, Joe Biden says. The problem is the president. Fox is Rachel Sutherland has more lives They've seen President Trump is a problem, not the solution, Joe Biden told supporters in Pittsburgh. We can do better, and we have to do better. President wants you to live in fear. He advertised himself as a figure of order. He isn't biting, accuse the president of rooting for chaos and violence and U. S cities, saying he failed to protect America. So now he's trying to scare America. Pennsylvania scene is a key battleground President Trump narrowly won the state in 2016. Save Rachel. Another shooting sparked protests overnight in Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies investigated gunfire They got into a fight with a black man who they say, then pulled out a gun the deputies and shot and killed him. Tensions flaring as protesters flood the city's south side marching to the sheriff's office. Black lives matter mobilizing the protests, saying it was quote all hands on deck. Fox's Jackie Ibanez, Russia has joined the Million case club in the Corona virus Prices. The fourth.

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