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I'm about trying to get as close to fairness as possible. And I don't think that was fair that was. Position. It will always be my position. I'm in start up start opposition to people in Philadelphia. I don't give a damn day know how I feel about it. A matter of fact, I've been my man. Mike miss Nellie and others on radio. Philadelphia saying if you don't want to get cussed out do not ask the about the process because I'm not playing I truly mean it, and I will never deviate from it. I think it's an absolute embarrassment than any black person feels differently than I do on that process because I don't know if any black executives that had that luxury. That's that's enough on that point the other point that I want to make this while we give San Antonio credit. And God knows they deserve it. Let's not forget that. There was once upon a time where they weren't trying to be competitive. That's when they were trying to get Tim Dunkin. They landed Tim Duncan and the rest is history. Okay. Got hurt on stand that. But the point that I'm trying to make is dead. You know, what Boston was right there. Bettino labor that walk through their Kevin McHale not walking through that door. Okay. They wanted. Tim Duncan San Antonio got him. That's the reality. Okay. So there was there was once upon a time where they weren't trying to be competitive. That's what I'm saying. The irony of the dynasty. Well, win Tim Duncan arrives. Everything changes Gregg Popovich is the best coaching basketball. He's absolutely sensational. The organization is first class all the way, the is no denying that. And what they've been doing defensively has been so incredibly impressive. They were a roller coaster ride. They were absolutely awful the first third of the season. They came on strong, then they fold it with their rodeo trip. You know, like set losing seven eight games. And now they've won like Nana ten straight. It's been absolutely phenomenal defensively. But there is a particular reason why I don't consider them a threat. And I don't mean it as literal as it sounds, of course, you're right next. They have the ability to stretch series and all of that stuff. But I'm telling you at the end of the day. I leave back and go like this day ain't going, but so far, and it's one reason and one reason only lamarcus Aldridge that's how I feel lamarcus Aldridge is a. Big Tom talent, lamarcus Aldridge can ball. He was sensational when he was in Portland. There was a lot of expectations that came association with him. Once he got to San Antonio. I think the way the league has changed and the rules of the game. And how it facilitates more towards perimeter players. I think that is not his fault because not like he's a scruffy can't play. But the fact that amount is come playoff time. Sometimes not every game because they have been games like against Houston a couple of games he shows up and he's big time. They had been other gays with it's been an API form you're trying to find him. I've talked about impact with stuff. We're not talking about accumulate your numbers get down thirty or twenty five. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about stop the bleeding. Keep us keep us in the running for this particular game..

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