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As she the GR- action she other but come on now talk about they series bias about the bills. They do that. Oh hang on I go to worry about saying too much because I was just obsessed and there is an actual real life. North Korean defector. That was a part of this age vice. Yeah he's he's a TV programs bringing the authenticity ash stores. So yeah there was actually a lot of story. Chemistry was fire. Yeah the chemistry of a the the what I would really funny and that's gets funding as well. That gets funny. They actually an seniors she. But that's why we WANNA go there in April so that we can have a real authentic experience exactly as we know to Bingo. Yeah real of the coach. Can you much in Korean met? Who Actually told me that? Facts about new more delays. Okay here this so I went to my friend's place for dinner on Friday and they live in new modern context globally. Just yeah a new. Modern is in an area in southeast. London in the UK so Newton and is like but it's also really random area. It's not like I feel like it's random macabre thinking here so it's like it's like a bit behind God's back it's not like a main area like central under anything like that but basically we're studying we're so I drove an hour from my house to get there from Bromley to get there and Anyway so having dinner just because this is not tell everybody about my obsession. Everything Grin and they were like. Oh interesting fact for you knew. Modin has the highest population of Koreans outside of Korea in the world in war. There's a career community in the mode in restaurants and hideous restaurants that are that are divided by molten south. So there's like South Korea. Yeah so it's South Korean restaurants in North Korean restaurant and I was like I didn't even know that and again excuse my ignorance but his comment but I was like I didn't know that North Koreans lived outside of North Korea because again I need to do my history. No I'm pleading. I'm definitely demonstrate my ignorance but my ignorance was triggered into the let me now and learn and understand but but he was just saying like even in the UK. There is a complete divide. So he's like the South Korean experience in the Norfolk or inexperience in restaurants are completely different. They were saying how gear when he was in the Edo they'd been to both and how they just like they talk about each other. I mean in very separate way like on. We don't mix together as a community. There's two separate. Cuny is even though a new modem but how does that new mobile ready them? I don't even know where that is anything. You could just please. If you'll just be like national profile white and Korean War so already loaded up guys come round Robin Cook and you guys didn't elaborate. We'll go out and eat. Yes so okay guys. This was really great. Catch up a mishmash of everything La Lives. Hopefully for only be guys. It was so happy so happy to be back together again catching up. We will be probably recording again this week. So we'll have some most outfielder yet that you talk about. I know there's a so much is going on is so much that's happening in the world. We just focus on all lanes on some things as a million and one things that we could be talking about the let us know. Let us know if there's anything you want to hear from us but thank you so much as always great with love to the kids. Lots of the family absolutely absolutely because see this. Okay okay so before we go see..

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