Chou, Barack Obama, Prodi discussed on POLITICO's Off Message - Anxious Cubans count on Trump to not follow through


That i have had to explain to the cuban audience because even though i do admired how americans all that is scenario all that chou works i believe it chose a respect for the voters each hold i believe a deterioration of the american political culture on a deterioration of the leaders or politicians that supposed to represent the status quo specifically after obama which was a prodi's men so was herman live nevertheless noone told me but i understood that the approach was to give trump the benefit of the doubt okay he's the precedent when fidel castro died the only world leader that had a disrespectful approach to that was donald trump even mighty on alcohol which is not precisely fun of fidel had a respectful approach even obama with his common ambiguity came on way the message respectful at least for a lot of audience obama's said something emails statement that didn't really say anything that rai where does very obama on cuba that's i expected that but as it was fine i mean is is is but trump started tweeting about obama is the best we can expect from the american policy towards cuba unit we need to be objective from that i mean i tried to explain that here too been done expect him to be he's as good as he can be for us a as representing what he represents so do you what do you report howdy report i'm what trump is saying about cuba well only been informative is strong enough.

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