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Went through a suburb of Denver The fire north of the Colorado city destroyed hundreds of homes this week and burned over 6000 acres Boulder county officials say cadaver dogs will be brought to the burn area today to help locate the three missing people almost a foot of snow covers the area now and that could hinder the search Meantime we hear federal help is on the way to the state to help them deal with the wildfires Here's Brad Siegel President Biden approved a disaster declaration early Saturday for those impacted by wildfires that have destroyed hundreds of homes in the Denver suburbs Boulder county sheriff Joe peli says at least 500 homes have gone up in flames and more than 30,000 people have been evacuated The White House says the aid includes funding for temporary housing and emergency loans I'm Brad Siegel At least three people were killed four were injured after a shooting at a New Year's Eve party in Mississippi Gulfport police department chief Chris ryles has several people started shooting after a physical altercation broke out at the party of those injured one is in critical condition so far no arrests have been made Another drug company may be offering up a COVID vaccine soon The BioTech company novavax has filed final data with the FDA novavax says if all goes according to plan it's next step would be to submit a request for emergency approval within a month The company says its COVID vaccine is protein based that sets it apart from Pfizer Moderna and Johnson & Johnson's vaccine There's a suspect on the loose in San Diego after a deadly assault police say the suspect is accused of pushing a man into the path of a moving freight train Saturday morning at the old town transit center The 60 year old man pushed into the path of the train died they alleged attacker and the victim were on the platform together after both had gotten the office southbound trolley The Powerball jackpots climbed to $522 million Nobody won the $500 million prize in last night's drawing so that jackpot rolls over for the Monday drawing I'm Scott Carr Some beaches in Southern California are still closed after a massive seward spill Long Beach and Pedro seal beach including surfside and Huntington beaches sunset beach are all closed The Orange County register reporting the beaches could reopen by the middle of this week according to public information with the LA county sanitation districts An update yesterday said starting Thursday 8 and a half million gallons of untreated sewage leaked into the Dominica's channel and from there into the ocean Eric Adams wasted no time getting to work on his first day as mayor of New York City Here's Paul de Castro Adam signed two COVID related executive orders shortly after delivering his inaugural address on Saturday one order continued the state of emergency put in place by Bill de Blasio's administration to deal with COVID-19 The new administration is also choosing to continue de Blasio's key to the city order which requires people to show proof of vaccination at indoor businesses and venues Demonstrators and Boynton Beach Florida are demanding action in an officer involved death of a 13 year old Dozens took to the streets in the city yesterday calling for justice after the incident from last Sunday when Stanley Davis the third was killed the boy had just filled up the tank of his new dirt bike he got for Christmas when he left the gas station and noticed he was being followed by a police cruiser He ended up losing control of his dirt bike and hit the curb on the median and crashed he died from his injuries Among the works of art to move from copyright protection into the public domain this year as Winnie the pooh Jennifer Jenkins director of duke university center for the study of public domains as copyright and.

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