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Dan, shea hop over to wedding, and they sing speech less than they do their first dance this wedding. Morgan had the inner skinny a minute ago. So are you guys married? Amy's Mary Halloween, married. You and your husband your first dance was too crazy. By Pat green. Speed. Have you been to a Pat green show and he played this with your husband not with my husband now? But I mean, I've been a lot about green. But not said, Nope. That'd be cool. Johnny played this. And that's still attainable thing. Yeah. Calendar. Watch rocks. Raila montaigne. You're the best thing married three and a half years. Mary thirteen years. That's crazy. Right. Yeah. We got our first dance was can't help fall in love by Elvis. We were at Hawaii got married in Hawaii. Did you have on Hawaii? So I had a leg. Yeah. I got one of the the man lays, no flowers, just like, you know, leaves were. That's what the Hawaiian people. Yeah. He loves Elvis, love Elvis. I love Hawaii is If I were to get today..

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