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Hopefuls are beginning to emerge contenders are solidifying. Their position from here on out every game is a chance to create momentum to make the right past the right move to hit the perfect shot. It takes momentum to build up to the moment but it takes everything to capture it goodyear more driven. I think for mike budenholzer. Listen he knew when he left the bubble last year that his job his future with the organization futures head coach. There was really going to be built around how this team performed in the playoffs. And i don't think there was ever any hard and fast line of demarcation given to mike budenholzer where it was. You've got to win the championship this year to keep your job or you've got to get to the nba finals. The conference finals. We're in the conference semifinals right now. Against maybe an a historically great a team that could turn out to be historically great. Certainly historically talented team. But i think the feeling for bud and bud future was. The season can't end in thud now. If that means all of a sudden the bucks come back and they pushed the seven games. And there's an epic loss to brooklyn and they look at themselves and say we are onto something here. We transitioned to a different style and and did things differently. And we saw progress and while we didn't be brooklyn. Maybe we stay the course here i. I don't think that's out of the question. But i think if this is a milwaukee team that does not if a last night if game. Three was the apex of the series for them. I think it's going to be very difficult. I think it's very unlikely. And it'll be very difficult for for them to keep bud and move forward. He's got a year left on his deal. They could have extended him early in the season. The offseason they chose not to and they're really going to ride this year out. And and while i don't know if he has to come back and win it it can't the you know if again if it ends in thud hard to imagine he's back exactly and that's not a secret that's something where after game two. I got messages saying you know. Perhaps this was. This was the beginning of what we all know is coming from folks who were are around there. The feeling is of of progress of showing that this is the step forward. We're taking with the organization and not just for this season but showing that this is going to be a building block and a building block in a building block if that that building block thought. Isn't there that's where. I think those questions would that you just alluded to those questions would be answered in you know okay. If we don't see that we can build and move forward from this and this was a step forward from the thud ending. 'cause it was two very different thuds the last two seasons for milwaukee thud of getting up to oh and then losing four straight to toronto and then the thud of the bubble two very different types of thuds. So it's not like you said there isn't one. This is the prescription. This is the recipe that is keep versus. Leave it's more that feeling a try and and now we're starting to. We have four coaching openings. In the league right now. I am not include atlanta in that nate mcmillan. It is obvious he will move forward as the hawks coach as long as he wants to. And i have no indication that nate doesn't want to continue But i guess technically if you wanted to get involved in another job. I suppose it could but i don't think he's got a great thing. Go in there. They have obviously yeah. They're one one in the conference semifinals. So so take atlanta out of the equation and its indiana boston. Portland orlando right now. And we we talked about milwaukee. Two of their two of their assistant coaches. We reported this week. Darvin ham charles. Lee are going to interview in boston Both i think are going to be head. Coaching candidates Perhaps elsewhere too. And you know now. We're starting to see that. Coaching cycle Up and and one thing about mike budenholzer. He had some great great coaching staffs go back to atlanta where he had a staff of quin snyder. Kenny atkinson a darvin ham. Part of that who. I do believe the future taylor. Coach taylor jenkins head coach. I mean who's You know certainly distinguished himself in that job so far and and Buds always just had very good staff. And that's certainly the case again in milwaukee but you covered the bucks certainly closely you know prior to moving back east and and doing the nets what are you what do you know about. And and what's been your impression of darvin ham charles lee and that group of assistance. That bud has who who are interviewing interview in boston. And i think are going to continue to interview for jobs and i think both of those guys wound up head coach somewhere. I think that as as one thing i love is to watch darvin ham and charles lee discuss what the future could look like for both of them. And there is no bigger proponent of charles darvin and there's no bigger proponent of darvin than charles. It's mike budenholzer like you mentioned he has. It's it's it's been a trickle down effect because he came from the popovich tree and now but is is really. He's created his own tree. He there is a mike holes or tree. That is coming out in the nba. And i certainly i. I hope but more than that. I believe that. Charles lee and arben hammer going to be head coaches in this league. I think the league starting to see it You know the other thing is right now around the league. There is a a sense. Particularly when i think back to. You mentioned the nets. I think back to the beginning of brooklyn season and win. There was a coaching search. Going on the number of black head coaches decreased between seasons last year. And now when i look at darvin and charles and other there are there are there are names around the league. Jack vaughn may daca those guys. Their names are starting to get out there as well. And that's an emphasis is the league is pushing right now. Not just because they know that diversity matters to their players but also because these diverse coaches are good are talented. And i i believe that those those these guys are going to get coaching jobs in the near near future. Yeah jamal moseley in dallas is another coach. Who's interviewing in boston Their top assistant and wes unseld junior. Who's part of that Denver staff and the success. They've had there. There's a great crop of assistant coaches and it's going to be. No part of it is fit and part of it is teams certain teams based on their rosters. Want somebody who's been a head coach And there's other teams that.

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