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In all states four horror fans of the new slasher film happy death day similar to the film groundhog very a college student relives her birthday the day she was murdered over and over again until she's able to find out who the killer is jessica roth israel bussard ruby modina rachel matthews star still in theaters are voice laid rudder twenty forty nine the melton between us feared my little only the movie and kingsman the golden circle plus american made the lego named zhou movie victoria and abdul flatliners and battle of the sexes and that's your weekend box office preview on iheartradio the final hour together is fine monday john corby show hope you're doing alright days the good you fell on this day whether you had to work slave away or you're able to enjoy some time all ledger laundry if the same jacks over there gloucestershire so man there's only so much time in there so much to get to i got a buddy of who asks for some help and you can provide some in science and guidance to that uh in relationship issues in a question about a cheating life he thinks she's cheating it does is get stephen and friends with both of them but any obvious friends with her before there's there at a bump stocks in the news in a position on that i've been told it's a little different but it it seems obvious to me and i don't understand why it is it as so let me to sort of set this real quick and then we'll move on and then there's the whole kabuki theatre which i keep getting emails ambigious the kabuki which i think is funny it's a great word firstly secondly it it it is what vice president pence did effectively by going from las vegas to end in atlas supposedly to see a peyton manning celebration of his career at halftime that he bail before because he said that the a forty nine years players who took a knee during the anthem disgusted him so much that he had to exit and get back on aircraft to fly to la to raise more money after spending your money and my money tax dollars to handle that gene get over there for a publicity stunt for one of a better way to describe.

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