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In a two two ball game of the top of the tenth inning unlike parker of his first big league game this year asked if a sander vote guards david ortiz and dustin pedroia defensive switch for the mariners as guillermo heredia those over to right field from left fielder nori aoki into lefty pinch ran four video it's a two two game road shots and mariners final game of this four game sad parker one of the roster moves today news now on the hill for the mariners for the first time this season his first pitch their standard breaking ball in for a strike craig kimbrel comes in gets the job fernando abad give up a home run to can only other night just the second time could all had a hit off of it since they have been facing each other two four twelve against him now one pitch well it's list this one of the year to right field a slicing toward the quarter we're to get it heredia he makes the catch there's one up gun rights and two for five on the night as he flies to ride to start the tenth inning here's david ortiz lot of course not when he flied to center field in the eighth now would be his last at bat at safeco field with user curveball it's called a strike who was a pioneer zone extra innings brought to you by cumberland foreigners breakup with over priced coffee and try cumberland farms farm how splendid smoove delicious and just ninety nine cents any size anytime every day cumberland farm spar most plan official coffee of the boston red sox radio network no wonder ortiz is outside won ball one strike david tonight with a base hit first timeout and in the third inning you'd into a double play in the fifth and again in the eighth flying percentage i'll feel playing in very deep kindle outings short right field the burner shift own ortiz one out nobody on the won one pitch his lone en czechs win oh they appeal to third in rebounding issue cities one you david can't believe it it looked like ortiz held up this one not feral staring down the third base umpire the rookie umpire range up david on appeal now he's good to strike zone one and soon parker with a high shot right hander ready to go and the pitch breaking ball in the dirt to balls into struggles everyone around or not getting area sign swing view he was too close to call not a strike this guy replay here in our food it will be definitively across the front edge of late our total workers tootoo delivery coming to ortiz here it is.

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