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You notice that? Here's your sportscenter update. The clippers traded Tobias Harris for a couple of I ram picks. A couple of second round picks and suppliers never heard of we we really blew it. Today was the day that have stand in Gundy on so that we could spend seven hours breaking down the Tobias Harris trade shifting the power balance from west to east as he heads to the seventy Sixers. Is that what happened there? There was a shift in Bauer Tobias Harris changed conferences, and you felt the shake around the globe. And if only STAN Van Gundy, we're here to give us his Tobias Harris information, we would be a better show today. He will be with us on Friday too late. Now is the time to have standing Gundy's expertise on Tobias Harris LeBron James suffered the worst loss of his career as the Pacers beat the Lakers by forty to the bigger story. He sat nowhere near his team. It's actually it's the other way around his teammates decided to not sit near him. Wait a minute. That's one story. But the rest of the story is the Pacers fans while administering that chanting at Brandon Ingram. Lebron will trade you. And javale McGee. They changed. Something different. Chevelle McGee not worth trading is what they did. That was some clever stuff the Pacers. That says cutting and cruel as you will hear from from a crowd. In fact, the Pacers are better at chanting than the patriots. And finally a trail jogger in Colorado, successfully defended himself Monday against a mountain lion that attacked him from behind the cat is dead and the man is recovering in a local hospital. The jogger was running alone in the foot he foothills of the horse tooth mountain park in northeast, Colorado. When he said he heard something behind him on the trail as he turned to investigate the juvenile mountain lion launched the jogger said he was bitten on the face and risk, but he was able to fight back killing the young mountain lion. The man's injuries were serious but not life threatening. And he was able to get himself to a local hospital. The man killed the animal by suffocating it. Well, my Gundy re tweeted that sorry, I think with a comment compete. Of course, he did. Here's these selectquote.

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