Laura Ingram, Chris Matthews, President Trump discussed on Larry Elder


Chris Matthews has revealed the gig. Most white people will not vote for racist. But but but van Jones says the reason President Trump won is because of whitelash a bunch of white people who are racist concerned about the changing nature of the country. But Chris Matthews saying that most white people wouldn't vote for somebody if they're racist. What? And as I said in the article, which means it's necessary to characterize the opponent as a racist to prevent the white people that a lot of people call racists from voting for the racist. What if most white people won't vote for somebody? If there are racist doesn't that mean, this is not a racist country since the countries predominantly white is this on. Anyway, the articles up on larryelder dot com. Chris Matthews reaction to Kanye west explosives, the left's racecar hustle. It's gonna talk about the latest Project Veritas video this time. Claire mccaskill staffers are admitting that Planned Parenthood donates to her campaign, but they Planned Parenthood does it indirectly? So as not to illuminate the pro-lifers who are Clem Kaskel supporters. Wow. President being hammered for referring to stormy Daniels. As horseface did the Hollywood community jump on Michael Rapaport, the actor when he talked about Laura. Ingram's facial features. Laura ingram. The Fox News. Reporter you filthy pig. You dog faced animal. Remember more Ingram dark face. Just a year ago at McConnell is being dog face worse than horseface. Or is it a pickle Republican national convention throwing up the Nazi salutes? Check this out. Look look at the area and pinup girl. This is the same Marion pinup girl more Ingram who just a few weeks ago said that LeBron James and Kevin Durant, and these athletes suggest shut up and dribble. And then I said infamously that you should shut up and a jubilees remember and now lauraingraham, this savage, this dog whoever said that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe had never encountered white guilt is much and this has nothing to do with her looks. It has to do with her behavior the things that she exudes. She's a sweaty pig. She's going after this high school student who. Do you like Laura you, obviously have an affinity for Donald Trump? But who do you like why don't you go away? Go back to the swamps to the sewage system to the revenge that you crawl that of you. Pig. You anyone in the Hollywood community issues some sort of admonishment chastise expressing Nieves discomfort with that? Yeah. I didn't think so. Ben Shapiro has offered to debate Alexandria or Cossio Cortez after watching her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. I can understand why she turned down the invitation you'll beat a ten time incumbent guy who just assumed that he was gonna win came out of nowhere. You're working as a bartender and decided that it would be a good idea to run for office. It's really one of the most remarkable stories I've ever stop and think about this.

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