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Sharks and everything else now you gotta worry about sea lice i don't even know what the hell that is they say that florida's department of health announced that certain beaches in pensacola in the pensacola area not all are going to feature purples to alert swimmers about the presence of sea lice i don't even know what that is they say that's just one of the things you gotta deal with as the principal beaches director of public safety he goes your land animal and the gulf is not our native environment sea lies can't live outside of water however they can cause him it's going to break out with itchy rashes see weiss the department recommends swimmers avoid rain t shirts in the water and they should take an oatmeal bath this is so disgusting sea lice i i've never even heard of this in my entire life right oh my gosh now everything i always think that i have everything that i read about so now i'm going to be like any time i get like a little like a mosquito bite them frenetic that see lies oh gosh all right moving on the putin summit is set reuters says that the trump putin summit is to unfold at the cold war venue in helsinki on july sixteenth it's very should be very interesting it's going to be they're going to have the summit after july eleventh or twelfth nato leaders summit and then a visit to britain and then after that trump and putin will meet at this summit and then speaking of russia there's a gay man running for mayor in moscow and he still alive because russia's doesn't look too kindly anton anton kreslovsky he is the only one willing to stand for election in russia but oh wait that's if they allow him to run for mayor where i knew there was a cat so he's like running but it's not official that they've allowed him to run meanwhile inflation in venezuela rose over forty three thousand percents socialism.

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