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Donna, the final pitstop is here. We're going to return the last laugh show rundown and more race line. Presented Subaru powered with heart pounding WRX, STI now, fourteen time, Canadian rally benefactress champion on the race line radio network. Diovan key. And you're listening to radio. Subscribe to a radio shows at I tunes or with your favorite pod catcher, no medical exam, or health, questions will be asked sports. Knit five ninety fan on demand. Eric, Thomas on across Canada on the good old race line radio network. White flag signaling woman to do. So here's what we're planning to do for your for next week and official wrap up the greatest spectacle in racing. The one hundred and third Indianapolis five hundred welcoming back Toronto Star wheels own north McDonald, I from the Brickyard gonna roll. You part two of our one on one with Montreal's, nNcholas Latifi who's one three two races already leads series points. Plus a few more entries for the Subaru race on Email bag trivia contest. But when checkers fly, we say goodbye, unanimous raise line, thanks going out to Subaru's. Julia Shak nNcholas Latifi dams racing Scott Goodyear. Lewis Hamilton skysports at one and Vic Palladian for network operations, a very special salute and farewelled, who are faithful supreme commander in show, engineer, the great Willer skis hands over the race. Light controls to Donna Pollard will not working his magic on weekday assignments here at global NewsRadio nine hundred C J co flagship, it's been a pleasure. William, thank you so kind, so from all of race line radio, I'm. Thomas Sulong, everyone race line coast to coast race line radio network. Presented by Subaru driven by the Subaru WRX in WRX STI Subaru confidence in motion. Learn more at Subaru dot CA, but the twenty nineteen Subaru ER's Ed, the formula for performance, and by continental tire, for what you do touch again, next week, and we will do it right here on race line radio..

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