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We were you know if your patrol officers say that they received reports of a girl it was signaling for help from the backseat of a car on Saturday officers received reports of a girl in the backseat of a moving vehicle holding up a piece of paper that read help me the car was initially reported to be on highway ninety nine south of Sacramento officials eventually located the car the sign said help me she's not my mom helped wow officers did a high risk stop of the vehicle whatever that means they said the girl's mother pulled the car over they were able to speak with her that's when the officers found out that the girl it made it all up she thought it was funny no make the sign a whole little woman didn't know what her daughter had been doing officers let them leave not funny she's six different the chip units assigned to the call it it it it took them away from other serious matters and it could have been dangerous for the car and the girl but yes **** candidate number one hello here's one recanted at number two she's very uppity a producer on Sean Hannity's radio show told Sean on a Tuesday of this week but Meghan Markle was up pretty well for failing to participate in a meeting with other royal family members now given the fact that Meghan Markle is a woman of color yeah I fingered not word in your area yeah my name might not have been the best choice Linda McLaughlin and if you've ever heard her so she's his millimeter ninety who she is I thought Mr sneered Lee was as per you know that's Russian that's Russia okay she's she's his producer and and she comes on the show with him a quite a bit and she's just just an annoying awful human being they were discussing the Duchess of Sussex and prince Harry's announced Parcher from royal duties on the Sean Hannity show and the the opined on Meghan's avoidance of a family chat to strategize to transition yeah I didn't like that Magen didn't even get on the phone is using Canada he was invited to be a part of that meeting and as you said I do like that that to me is like Donald Trump because he talks yeah she's very uppity McLaughlin said he's one of those liberal leaders to you know our there's that nice this course that we're talking about yeah earlier yeah and he replied that he didn't care about her politics candidate number did you know that she was invited to that she what there were there were slowly okay yeah but but it's but even you know she's made up her mind they've treated horribly all this time what makes me what makes you think that it's going to change she's one of those liberals who don't work McLaughlin said her hardest jobs been reading lines that other people wrote for but my heart doesn't bleed for you sweetheart it just doesn't she's been racially attacked since yes they announced they were getting married we don't even know the half of what she's gone through but he has often been used by white southerners news ride black people who didn't know their places they put it so often followed by other racist slurs but by the way and that producer ms McLaughlin won a Gracie award which is presented by the women in media foundation all best radio producer in twenty nineteen hating give it to Katie best women producer best producer Katie should women in media the gore look up the Gracie awards will nominate you Boehner candidate number two she's very uppity coming up in a moment **** candidate number three well how much personal what they're saying owner Canada number three for round two coming up after this big Boeing news and opinion window brought to you by no matter how it happened caliber collision makes a like it never did that the nation's largest collision repair company rated among the highest in customer satisfaction restoring the rhythm of your life thank Charlize their own appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live and they or discussing their obsession their mutual obsession with the program of the bachelor war it is things took a sharp swerve into bonkers town however when Kim Alaska Charlie's their own if she had ever gone on any dates that were cringe worthy as cringe worthy is the one seen on the bachelor well I went on a date in my twenties with this guy who was really super handsome she said I was really into it and he picked me up for dinner we went had dinner it was lovely and I was like this is going really well and he drove me home you know I kind of signal that I was in for a kiss and that's when things got weird he pulled over by my house we started kissing it was really good and then he pulled away and whispered make out with my nose what why why are we use their own then burst into a fit of laughter on the Kimmel said she couldn't stop laughing she wiped away the tears from laughing and said she would never forget that day because she's yet to meet another person who likes to have somebody make out with their nose when a flabbergasted Kimmel asked her for date was joking their own said no the guy was really into the idea that she's small his sorrows I started giggling because the kissing was good I didn't want to mess it up I gave him a little pick on the pack on the nose and he was like no no no make out with no no new no pretty pretty bizarre Charlie's thrown by the ways says she is shockingly single whatever that means let's see in years ago another quick little entertainment story on Thursday at Rockefeller Center the NBC the media company owned by cable giant Comcast made the case that peacock the.

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