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Important care for some of our senior seniors who cannot stay home by themselves she used to live channeling with family members family members are gone during the day working this provides assistance for the seniors and assistance for the family members again our grave concern is about the danger of those two years being together and the spread of this virus so these will also be closing on Monday the covert nineteen outbreak is the worst in Miami county Ohio in a Troy area nursing home at least eleven people are confirmed to have the virus three more are being tested and two staffers have been hospitalized with symptoms the number of positive cases of the corona virus in Ohio has topped one read and a sixty nine and reached twenty eight different counties the governor also commended companies are working to monitor their employees health were still going into the office by taking their temperatures in providing cleaning supplies to those employees and he also thank the hires teachers for their efforts to continue the education for a higher students and the state's museums also have a way to help not just teachers but parents as well the Ohio museums association has a list of museums offering virtual programming and other online events as a way to engage with people Bali covert nineteen shutdowns continue among the options across the state the baseball heritage museum has daily content on Facebook and Instagram the Cincinnati art museum has an online collection on its website and co site offering daily science content as well lots more links can be found Ohio museums dot org I'm Jack Crowley today governor Mike DeWine also suggested that the kids could be home for longer than their expected April third date president trump announced today the government will plan to temporarily waive interest on federal student loans and the enforcement of standardized testing for students is also being suspended this news US service legacy retirement group I'm Alison why into your A. B. C. six first warning weather forecast is coming up in sixty seconds thank you hear about it talking about hello Mrs newsradio six ten WTVN it's here introducing the new Samsung galaxy S..

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