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Well that maybe a smart thing to do. If you have a long layoff. I don't think that would apply in the nba. You've got such a an integral part of the team cohesion and the being together and working together and Little small things that happen out on the court that most people don't even see the little head nonsense no-one wherever everybody's going to be in a given situation and if you get away for too long you You lose that. And so i think in the case of the nba. It's it's better to stay focused. Stay together maybe take a day off here or day off their you know they might take Maybe sunday off. But the rest of the time he needs to be their plan and Staying close together takes so long in the nba to build a winning team and to build a group of guys that play well together. You don't want to do anything in my to risk that at this point in time mark. It's only speculation on my part so feel free to correct me if i'm wrong about this but i would think in hockey and also nba because it's such constant action back and forth that it probably is difficult to recapture that kind of momentum. Edge offer a long of time as compared with football. We have five seconds of action. And then you may have nothing for another forty five seconds. You're exactly right. It's very difficult to maintain that and once you get a gallon you wanna keep it and that's why you see in the nba. There are a lot of teams. We'll go through the season and they'll they'll be great streaks where they win a lot of games then they'll be down a little bit and over a period of eighty to one hundred games. You know you're going to have everything happened to you. Frankly and you say she says there's probably ten games you have no control over. You're going gonna lose five. You shouldn't lose your going to win five. You shouldn't win And so it's a it's a real Momentum thing and you're right you wanna you know i. I would think maybe two three days off at the max between series In order to keep that momentum of that f. and keep everybody sharp mark over the years. I've had athletes say that we have to take another level once we reach the playoffs. And i know that is somewhat of a cliche but for the average fan. They don't probably understand what that actually means. What is it that a team. And what is it that a player does when they get to the playoffs. That takes it to the next level well during the regular season. It's difficult to get really hyped up for every game you just play so many games. It's just too hard on your body and you really try and go for consistency more than anything else in the playoffs It's it's another step up in intensity and adrenaline. And i would like an it to when you wake up in the middle of the night when you think you heard something or you. Almost get in a car wreck That kind of adrenaline has to surge through your body for six or eight weeks. And that's the kind of level that they're talking about when they move it up boom it up another level and it takes its toll on your body. You can't you can't sleep and You know a lot of times. It's just who's in better condition and who has more endurance at the end of the season. More than anything else and also is it not that the whole team has to be in that same level. I mean does that. Come from within the locker room more than a dozen anything a coach can say to you. Yeah it has to come from team leadership and i think if you look back at the teams that have won championships Magic larry bird Isaiah you know michael jordan certainly They lead by example. Get out on the court and they're willing to do anything and everything to win that basketball game. It's not about just scoring points but it's about you know being the best defensive player on the court that night. If that's what's necessary or making the key pass and i think that's probably the biggest difference that i've seen and And that's that's really what it takes. Mark eaton the former utah. Jazz center is joined us. So if you'd like to jump in here one. Eight hundred eight seven eight seven five two nine rick. You're in phoenix arizona. Got you with marketing. Hey mark how are you tonight. Good talking to you. I just wanna talk about Back near playing with jazz and some of the players like carlin john and some of these other blue collar who've gone through a the jazz organization plan in utah where there's not too much to do some other major markets and you know in a los angeles or something like that if so many other things to do so many teams to cheer on. What's it like being a player plan. And i you like salt lake city where everybody just rally around your team. And that's one of the one of the biggest tickets in the whole area. It's been kind of fun in that regard because it is a little more of a family kind of atmosphere than in la. Or as you said. And i've i've kind of enjoyed it because You are these shell in town and everybody rallies around the jazz especially when they're winning and playing well and the whole state kind of becomes transformed all over the city with jazz flags on their car and they've got you know every every. Tv station has a special each evening on the news and I kind of enjoyed it. it for me. It worked out well for giancarlo. I think it worked out. Well and You're right about the blue collar. Work ethic There are certain types of players obviously certain cities better than others. I think the jazz have worked hard to try and recruit those kinds of players. Who now are you know. Pretty solid citizen so to speak into not guys are going to have to worry about it at night and you can get in trouble night. Here don't Don't think that that's not true but anyway For the most part it's been a great place to play and and It is a lot of fun. And when chas lose a playoff game The city suffers and i talked to businessmen whose who are depressed into its They've really Everybody lives in dies now with the with the barometer of the jazz and so it's It's been a lot of fun. Real quick mark. I think all of us remember frank. Layden is the coach of the jasmine moving up into the front office What was it like. Plan in the organization with frank leading. I think we've all seen the the The bloopers and practical joe's liked playing Playing for frank layden having him around all the time. Frank was the greatest He really took me under his wing and a lot of other players and really took this organization which was One that ran a lot of players through in the early years and was really trying to find itself. And you know had a pistol pete vich and a real run and gun style. In when frank came any really turned that around became more defensively oriented and took this kind of blue collar. Work new york. Work ethic To the team and said hey guys you know i. I don't wanna lose the game by three points. I'd rather lose it by two. And everybody of like he was nuts and he'd say no that's because that's one point closer to winning and that's the kind of attitude that he started us with and You know turn to a group of Kind of misfits with me and adrian dantley and ricky green and jeff wilkins ben polecat and guys like that Bobby hansen thorough bailey and Turn them into a winning team That all of a sudden started surprising everyone in the nba. So he's he's been the greatest It was always a pleasure to play for him although he do. Some wacky things. Sometimes in the middle of the game he'd start telling jokes to some guy in the third row and we'd be sitting there in a time out saying well you know frank. What about the play. You played at ucla. And every time. I've ever talked to you. I've been with you. I've always find found you to be a very thoughtful person. I mean i think people can hear from your answers how articulate and how inciteful you are how did you approach the game being that type of person well. My background is a little different in auto mechanic can to you know stayed out of school for a few years before going back to junior college and then ucla. And i'm just always look at both sides of of an issue and I've tried to I guess i've had little had a little more experienced going in and i looked at nba basketball for what it was. It was a great business. It was a great opportunity to play and and have a lot of fun but.

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