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Welcome to the show i'm dana can alan for jason went lock and i'm gonna tell you why the raiders might actually be making a mistake going after john group and i'm colin coward and i'll tell you why the pete carroll era in seattle i think maybe it's wanted to course speak for yourself starts now and i like pete i grew up in seattle that i got a theory on this interesting to hear it hello and welcome we're joined today by fox in a violent honing his hours and longtime nfl in college coach charlie weis led stars in oakland which could be where john bruton is headed after reports surfaced that the raiders were pursuing their former coach even before they fired jack del rio after sunday's game for years teams have tried and failed attempt gruden from the broadcast booth but reportedly oakland's offer includes an ownership stake and i'm sure a lot of millions behind that to which has some convinced the higher is a done deal colin is this a smart move by oakland i'm not sure if it is ten years is a long time to be away from any industry i mean just just think about tech in our lives k ten years ago they just introduced the gps gps is the four hundred th the biggest tech tool in my life now the game is change tight end weren't used as much ten years ago we had fullbacks we had huddles people are more mobile now it's hard to retain your staff the culture of football baseball tends to look in the rear view mirror football's the opposite there's a there's a bravado that you pick up stuff first you change stuff there's been a lot of changes one joe gibbs gone a few years he came back and he really struggled to adapt i think it's a real risky move here i think it's a reach when you look at what they're willing to give up and what they're going to pay him to be there next head coach in a guy i don't use the term overrated because he does have a super bowl behind his name but that super bowl came with tony dungy's defense running the tampa too and as much as he gets credit for developing quarterbacks he won that's a road brad johnson who was a game manager at the position was if you're the raiders and.

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