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I found out i had good of heroin is the cheap one and derailment how much are outsie pills oh my god they're like 30 apart why um um i was like working so hard and then and my roommate couldn't figure out is a you're not paying rent ever what's happening in those like oh it's it's of groceries with thirty dollars while i just got down at when i had my tumor removed they should ask for accede mm dollar a milligram so it depends on the milligram baia how many milligrams a day by the time you needed some help well by the time you super needed hell by the time you god help habitat melissa physically addicted i would say oh sixty to ninety day pills milligrams god now pell three pills a day so it doesn't sound like a lot at doesn't but but like if i w thirty milligrams taught like you you take like they're in a perk in one purpose of there's like five okay so so that is like taking six pills mmhmm so who would that be given to like how much pain would you need to have to be prescribed dia oh i mean nowadays they guinea to be coming off heroin louis or light yeah here rates for heroin addiction i don't like hospital the not quite hospice i guess boat while i mean big surgery like if you are a horse than something happen if i was a horse showed that would have been like i wouldn't have had a prop okay motema find they would never give you this much how hard was it to get off of its heart it was really hard for a few days because there was like loose nations inning i really say what with you see wolf later on throw up.

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