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Are two hundred fifty dollars or universities universities that have dow lissette we we love brady we love everything he's done here but let's face facts here he has elected to be a guy who's going to in his down the road appeal to the elitist that's what he's doing and peyton manning has decided on taking the other road he's still sell the pizza cut that meet he'll do that stuff everybody picks out where they want to go with their brand he is elected to go highbrow as brand yeah on and i don't see how you can't you can't see see any seeing that your question was i wanted you to say not drew from wherever to say who giselle crowd was you couldn't say or you wouldn't say 'cause he didn't want to irritate or piss anybody's sleep i end saying you won't say it you put you put the ball on the tee and you refused to hit your so so worried about people worry the call we had this morning happens you don't like the guy that wins more than the other guy.

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