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Shot and killed a man during a home invasion in garden Grove the murdered man's girlfriend told police the man burst into the room around for this morning demanding cash drugs police say the intruders shop the man at least twice he died on the drive way a cousin showed up at the house later anybody home family anything the murdered man's parents were also home but they weren't hurt another man told KTLA he saw police all over the place born between a couple houses still looking I guess for that perpetrators or whatever was going on at a get my check explanation the intruders took off in a dark colored car the news is brought to you by the kitchen store a boy in central California whose mom tried to drown him has been taken off life support the woman has pleaded not guilty to drowning the boys twelve year old brother in an irrigation ditch a little more than a week ago she had been convicted in Montana of trying to drown the twelve year old when the boy was a baby our younger son died yesterday at a hospital in Visalia human trafficking allegations been added to a lawsuit against democratic donor at Buck over the death of a man a Bucks apartment the amended civil lawsuit accuses Buck of luring Jamelle general more front I think it's jumbled Gemma more from Houston to LA for commercial sex and of revenge porn for making and sharing video of their alleged math fueled sexual encounters more died of a crystal meth overdose of Bucks apartment in twenty seventeen the coroner ruled the death accidental a second man died a Bucks home less than six months later and giving up alcohol may be good for your brain if you were a woman a new study reports women who quit drinking have better mental health researchers at the university of Hong Kong found women who do drink it all could have a higher level of mental well being than women who drink moderately a co author of the study in the Canadian medical association journal says the evidence suggest caution in recommending moderate drinking is part of a healthy diet there are several conflicting studies about drinking including one that says moderate drinking can increase your chances of having a cardiovascular event another says older adults who occasionally drink may live longer than non drinkers Amy came KFI news it is low on the ten in Santa Monica for those eastbound.

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