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Johnny Gargano discussed on E&C's Pod of Awesomeness


With johnny gargano he's going from johnny wrestling tajani bat as i'm calling him hashtag johnny fight he's johnny fight johnny kickin indian fight yeah damn right like it i'll i get good he he's i mean you can have match with anybody right so it's nice to show a different layer of the character because i think that's probably the layer that some people would doubt he has you know can you put them in a fight kenny gig that kind of deal so it's good i think it's really good that'd be been with you to switch and to do different things and bring different things that different storylines and and different matthews you have to be able to adapt and then you have to be versatile and you know he's he's show that he can do that you had a good match with these three where they really got that across you know against a guy who's much bigger and his don't jacked up and ec three played his part really well in that too so it was well done oh this is a good one okay nathan fornia eight at i'm not even gonna end the ever fornia favourite concert concert you wish you could have seen storyline you wish you could have been a part of i'm going with concerts man favourite concerts to tough you know i was invited to go to foods and wembley but i had to work so i missed that and then i was going to see them london stadium but i was back over here miss that i mean i've been to a lot of pro jam shows that were just ridiculous i want to one in greenville and they just randomly played the entire versus album for the first time ever i mean just blew my brain i've been side stay but you know foods and wrigley was was amazing i i went to like the sound check concert for metallica before they opened up for it wasn't death magnetic maybe it was debt minute yeah was anyway it was like there's twelve of us and we got to watch metallica concert it was do ridiculous in phoenix so those would be now if i could have had my druthers in concerts that i hadn't seen i mean beatles in the heyday even though you wouldn't hurt anything but queen i would've loved to have seen queen at full power with freddie mercury belting it out the unitards brian may with that guitar tone roger taylor with the harmonies oh my god all that would have been so good or kiss like nineteen seventy seven nineteen seventy eight i got a little excited their sorry i remember the question now that you talk so long favorite concert that you've been to or concert yes you could've seen so my favorite concert will be the one that i just recently went to which was the foo fighters at the at london stadium i believe is what it's called now what were the olympic stadium it was like seventy thousand people it was insane just never seen anything like it was just a just an amazing night obviously they're amazing band so getting to see that actually see it from the stage was pretty awesome so and one that i wish that i'd seen man i don't know i think what it would have been like to see michael jackson live wow no prints yeah i would love to seem prints live to yeah out of amazing prince amigo yeah good question though nathan real quickly and i'll answer this one real quick because i know you probably will say like yesterday or something which is fine nicole at nicole twenty sixty thirty seven five eight one while what you favorite song by the beatles and that's that's really hard happiness warm gun she's so heavy i mean blackbird oh my gosh i love george harrison songs i mean it's really really tough but those ones.

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Johnny Gargano discussed on E&C's Pod of Awesomeness

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