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Blue Whale, The saltwater crocodile thie African Bush elephant? Not all the largest things in nature are easy on the ears discover the one that is the great still act or the world's largest musical instrument. Only tolerate Cameron's What will you discovered Fuse. I'm terror McCue Today, President Trump will view some of the damage done to the Louisiana and Texas by Hurricane Laura Presidents are just beginning to return to check out the extent of the damage the Category four storm, causing widespread destruction through Texas and Louisiana in just a matter of hours. Laura, shredding homes and flooding communities for miles Right now, more than 500,000. People are still without power. Fox's Charles Watson, Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul and his wife giving more details about Thursday nights running with the mob of White House protesters to Fox's Tucker Carlson. Senator Paul City was staying in a hotel only 50 yards away from the White House Gates. But that wasn't close enough. Apparently, he told Tucker even though there were thousands of policemen, it seemed like it took forever for them to arrive. At one point. At first, there was only two policemen. Trying to hold back 120 riders. Fox is Lucas Tomlinson. America is listening. The blue whale, the saltwater crocodile thie. African.

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