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By I love pot. I can eat. I can eat a whole pie was your favorite pumpkin pie isn't really Oh, yeah, That's your favorite. Oh, yeah, You could drop it on the floor. I'll still eat it. I don't care if it's there really Don't care if it's in an airport these days. I'm just saying, that's how good I'll eat Anything pumped. What if it was wrapped in covert cooties? You know, I take my I take my chances. I guess right. That's great, Bob, the outside and the top. I'll take off. You know, I'll take off. The whipped cream because then they'll be on it. But I could eat. I could eat anything, pumpkin. S O s. Oh, we're gonna get to a bunch of stuff today. There's some some unfortunate incident with an Arizona politician We're gonna get to. She's trying to put a bullet into the economy in Arizona. I don't know if she knows that she's actually doing it. But we're gonna have to call her out and once again, try and make things better in Arizona. But have either of you two ladies been to the Great Wolf Lodge. I'm not No, but I know where it is, and I've kind of wanted to check it out. I wanted to go. But I've been told that there's such superstrong chlorine that some some genders may not feel that great with and they get out. And then I've also heard. I don't know It's okay if it went over your head, and then I've also heard from my kids. That is like the fun is place ever. Well, you can base that's how they say it. The seats in his place ever could basically own the whole joint for 10 Grand. So what do you get? 85,000.

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