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I dish just amazing to me. I'm going to have you sign the copy here, but yet it's a good book and it's a good follow up to extreme ownership because I think where extreme ownership stopped, I think this is where it picks up. There's a pattern. I think people fall into when they take your advice to heart, which is good. That's what you want. And then they almost go too far with it for sure. That's the premise of the second book which. One of the problems with the book. Extreme ownership is the title extreme ownership because people take that word extreme and they say, okay, I just need to do this to the extreme. That is the case when it comes to taking ownership of things. Yes, you need to take extreme ownership. You need to make sure that you take ownership and responsibility of everything. Your world in failure to do that is going to cause problems for you as a leader and as a human. But if you start taking even the principals, even the laws of combat, if you take those to the extreme in either direction, you're probably going to get off balance as a leader and you're gonna cause other problems. So you have to remain balanced and it's one of the trickiest things to do, and that's why you know, as we work with all these different companies and all these different leaders, that's the problem that we see the most and it's also the answer to the most challenging questions that people ask. Someone will say, well, you know, I've got these people and they're just not doing what, and I'm imposing discipline on them as hard as I can. And it's like, okay, so there's your mistake. You go so far that they have not thinking anymore themselves. Oftentimes the really hard questions that people are asking, aren't that hard? But the answer is there's a balance. There's a dichotomy that you have to balance it. If you don't, you're going to be too far in one direction or the other. Is that just self-awareness? Is that measuring your results like, okay, I'm taking extreme ownership, but I'm not producing x, y and z result. So I have to evaluate this and figure out a better way to do it absolute what what's the problem and extreme ownership is a great, the idea of ownership Sulaiman I talked about this on actually, I think we talked about on my podcast. We got asked at the muster. Can you take too much extreme ownership? Can you do that? And life was like, no, you can't. You can't really take too much extreme ownership because you're responsible for everything and that's correct. And then I said, well, actually, you can take too much ownership of something. And here's when it happens is if you're on my team, it you were. For me, and I'm a guy that's on taking ownership of everything. This is my this, my projects I own it will now when it comes to your task or I give you a project, but I wanna keep ownership of the project now you don't end up with any ownership, so now I'm just giving you all the direction, give you all the plan. It's not anything that you create or come up with yourself and you as a person you're not going to like that..

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