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Hello were nerds welcome to this soothing episode of the dictionary. I'M GONNA speak like this the whole time. But in the last episode I was yawning a lot and I think every time I looked down. which I was doing most of the time I don't know it just made me on. So. Let's try and not make that happen this time. The first word is born B. O., R. N. adjective from. The before the twelfth century, one, a brought forth by or as if by birth one, be synonym is native. Usually used in combination as in American, born, one-seat, deriving or resulting from usually used in combination again as in poverty born crime to a having from birth specified qualities as in a born leader. To be being in specified circumstances from birth as in nobly born also is in born to wealth three destined from or as if from birth as in born to succeed. This is from. Old English Boren or Bhairon, which means to carry and there's more at the word bear. Next. Is Born again two words they hyphen adjective from ADP eighteen, sixty one sorry. Had some guests that came out like a burp one of relating to or being a usually Christian person who has made a renewed or. Commitment faith especially after an intense religious experience never to having returned to or newly adopted an activity. A conviction or a persona especially with a proselytizing zeal how do you say that word proselytizing I thought there was a t h in their proselytize, but maybe not as in a born again. Conservative. This is from the verse in the Bible. That says except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God from some letters and numbers. Are Right now we have the word born, but this one has an e at the end. It is the I form past participle of the word bear be our. Second form of born adjective from Circa Fifteen, fifty, nine transported or transmitted by, and that is used in combination as in soil born or airborne. Next is Borneo or Borneo. B. O. R. N. E. O. L. Noun from eighteen seventy six, a crystalline cyclic alcohol C ten, h seventeen o h that occurs in two. And Nam Matry Americ- wet. And then an-and trio Merrick it goes over to the second line. Why is it that the hardest words go over two lines? And Nan trio merrick forms is found essential oils and is used especially in perfumery. This is from the the island of Indonesia called Borneo. Next is bore night. Noun from. Circa eighteen forty seven, a brittle metallic looking mineral that consists of a sulfide of copper. Consists of a read that correctly that consists of a sulfide of copper and iron and is a valuable copper or. This is from German. Let's see. Okay. Yes it is from. Ignacio von born. WHO DIED IN WO 179 not. Oh Oh boy I misread that. died in seventeen, ninety one was an Australian Mineralogy I. and. So They took his name and they made born knit B.. O. R.. And then we changed it with an e at the end for night. I thought that the one in seventeen ninety one was a right bracket, but it is not. All. Right. Next is borough B. O. R. O.. It is a prefix which means Boron as in Boro. Silicate. Next. Is Borough hydride now known from nineteen forty, the an-and be h four of Boron. And it looks like there's a minus sign next to the four but super script I don't know what that means. So the end of Boron and hydrogen that is used especially as a reducing agent and as a source of hydrogen atoms also any of various compounds as of metals containing the borough hydride antion I don't know what an anti on is but I'm sure I read it before. Next is Boron. Noun from eighteen twelve, a try vaillant metal Lloyd element found in nature only in combination and use the specially in glass and. And then it says, see the element table Moronic is an adjective. You just switch the be with an m. and you have something completely different moron. MORONIC. Next is Boron. Carbide, now, from Circa nineteen o nine, a refractory shiny black crystalline compound before see that is one of the hardest known materials and is used especially in abrasives and as a structural reinforcing material. Next is borough silicate or. Silicate it is a noun from eighteen seventeen, one, a silicate containing Boron in the antion and occurring naturally number two synonym is borough silicate glass, which is our next word Noun from nineteen thirty three, a silicate glass that is composed of at least five percent oxide of on and is used especially in heat resistant glassware. Next is borough This is the one that I mentioned a couple of episodes ago B. O. R. O. U. G. H. Noun from. Before the twelfth century one, a medieval fortified group of houses forming a town with special duties and privileges. One be a town or urban constituency in great. Britain, that sends a member to parliament one see an urban area in Great Britain Inc for purposes of self government. To a a municipal corporation proper in some states as New Jersey and Minnesota corresponding to the incorporated town or village of the other states. To be one of the five constituent political divisions of New, York City. Maybe I can find out what those five are and number three a civil division of the state of Alaska corresponding to a county in most other states. This is from Middle English Burg So it's related you know you'll see Burg at the end of a Tau or at the end of a name of a town. In the that means a little a little town, a Burgh. From Middle English, Burg of old English Burg, which means a fortified town akin to the old high German Burg which means fortified place and probably to old English Bjorg, which means hill and there's more at the Barrow. Next is borough English. So yeah, just English after Borough Noun from the fourteenth century, a custom formerly existing in parts of England by which the lands of an into state descended to the youngest son. Okay interstate what is this word? It looks like interstate but they took the are. A custom formerly existing in parts of England by which the lands of an interstate descended to the youngest son. Alright. Borough English and last word is borough hall borough -Bio Oh. No B. O. R. O. U. G. H. and the Word Hall Noun from Nineteen Thirty eight a chief administrative building of a borough. And Yeah. That's all of them. So we had born born again born Bernie oil born night borough borough hydride Boron Boron Carbide borough silicate Brazil glass borough borough English, Borough Hall, I'm GonNa pick borough as the word of the episode So yeah, that's it. we are. At, the end of August we're almost at the very end of August. Now when I'm recording this, I'm in night even the really the middle of August yet. But you know I like to live in the future. Or the past depending on how you look at it. This has been Spencer dispensing information, thank you and goodbye..

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