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The sports fla jay berman will start with the baseball school board bottom of the fifthinning at pittsburgh pirates have a five two lead on the rings josh bell his fifteenth home rod nationals have 300 run's tonight daniel murphy matt weaders anthony read dole they've all god yard nationals leave the cubs gathered at three in the bottom of a sixthinning meanwhile top seven blue jays lead the orioles four to nothing knows it ceased houston justin small kept home runs but yelled cabrera just went yard might boost dhaka's has done the same in the seventh inning royals lead the tigers by two to six netting named cincinnati reds lose the brewers three the two that's have opened up a ford i think we all the marlins in the seventh in the six twins lead the red sox for the next couple of with all run indians lead the rangers three two one of the sixth also in the third astros in front of the f one export one george springer is twenty four chris davis is twentieth yankees lead the white sox in the second three to nothing a couple of finals phillies fivefold over the mariners a phillies are now twenty five games below 500 so kudos to them quite a benchmark giants beat the rockies five to three i turn your attention now to the nba the clippers of trading chris paul of the rockets for patrick beverley lou williams san decorative first round draft pick next summer meanwhile phil jackson out as mix president with two years and twenty four million left on the contract he signed gm steve mills will run on the knicks through.

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