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22 2022 on WTO, former president Donald Trump has made a lot of endorsements during this election season. Many of his chosen candidates have won, but not all of them, prompting the question is Donald Trump's influence on governors races shrinking. Marilyn governor Larry Hogan thinks so, here's what he had to say on NBC's meet the press. Nobody's been standing up more to Donald Trump than me. And I'm going all around the country, helping people that Trump is attacking. And we're winning most of them. Some observers say governor Hogan is mulling a presidential bid as he comes to the end of his second term. He did not confirm that speculation, but he said there is growing demand in what he's done in Maryland, a deeply democratic state where he enjoys high popularity. A Russian rocket slammed into apartment buildings in eastern Ukraine, killing more than a dozen people, the BBC's Julie candler has more on the attack. Rescue is in Ukraine, a continuing to search for some 20 people who are believed to be under the rubble of an apartment block in eastern Ukraine that was largely destroyed in a Russian rocket attack, at least 15 people were killed in Saturday's attack in the town of chassis, earlier today rescuers saved a man who'd been trapped for almost 24 hours. At Sunday's WNBA All-Star Game, players honored Britney greiner, one of the league's top players, she's currently being held in a Russian jail, more from CBS News, at least Preston on the efforts to secure grinder's release. Grinder's wife spoke to President Biden about the administration's efforts. I understand that what they are doing is very challenging. Former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, who has worked on other international prisoner exchanges, confirmed grinder's family has asked for help with her release, but his office has not released any details on a possible trip to Moscow. In a symbol of unity, the all stars wore grinders number 42 to start the second half, traffic and weather next, ten 37. Hi, this is Kathy on your fried chip from Northern Virginia. I've lived with MS for 28 years, and a passionate about raising funds and awareness for the national MS society. I do this by leaving a family team of walkers each year for local walk MS by participating and working on our together for a cure luncheon and being involved in other MS related activities. Held by the national MS society. I do this so that they continue to provide funding for research and services to allow people like me to live their best lives possible. My greatest hope is to help in any way I can to move us closer to a cure. So no

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