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Here in Ventura California you can always reach me Peter Peter Greenberg dot com with your name phone number question or problem will solve it right here and there was speaking to the honorable mayor of palm springs Jeff cores and as I said right before the break Mr mayor you're not from around here are you know grew up in New York but you've been here twenty years I've been here twenty years what what brought you here you know initially came down I took a what I thought was a couple months break from the law practice I was in and was renovating a midcentury house which at the time you never was discovering those old great houses that had been renovated for thirty forty years and bring it back to life my folks were in palm desert half the year from New York and that they're not doing that turned into a lot more years and it was just such a wonderful place to live and it's even better now for people who come to visit you what's the biggest surprise for them but they're not expecting I think they're expecting to spend the whole time at the pool and barbecuing and if they haven't been here before not for a long time amazed at how much there is to do all the great not just outdoor hiking and all the fun for parties of course but the great restaurants the shopping all the top notch entertainment that we get here in the desert I think that always surprises people and one of the things we're really proud of in palm springs is the hundreds of unique stores and restaurants we have that don't exist anywhere else in the world we started a program that I came up with called uniquely palm springs where we highlight all of those small unique only in palm springs businesses Goodison Craddick right because that's I know when I travel I don't want to go to a chain store that is not who you know at home or in any city I'm gonna go someplace warm to see things I can't see anywhere else and if we have a shop and I want to bring something back I can't get anywhere else although most American travelers are not exactly visionary their idea of an adventure trips to go to American branded hotel in order the cheeseburger thinking they're roughing it well that is most but not people who want to come to concerts and where we are right now is an interesting addition it is it is and you know this is a great casino and resort although they also have a casino right in downtown palm springs some people come to palm springs you can walk from most hotels right to the casino if you like gaming with great restaurants and really fun so and this one here has great entertainment great shows and that's what's so wonderful about palm springs you know when a major star comes or Broadway touring company comes here we can get tickets they don't sell out in ten minutes well you know a guy who knows a guy yeah well I think anyone can get tickets right bottom line though is this is not what I was gonna be looking like twenty years ago nothing like it what what what created that you know I think what happened in palm springs was the mid century movement it out last month in February we had modernism week you know a hundred thousand plus people come to to our mid century modern homes see the midcentury hotels you know we gave us started here Cardin who designed the first maxim Dickory in palm springs there's just so much great architecture and I think that's what started people coming here they fell in love with the architecture and our mountain and to be able to have both read the beautiful outdoor space three hundred and sixty days of sunshine but really unique architecture desert modernism that doesn't really exist like it does anywhere else in the world I think that's what started it and it just kept on growing and I think for side of prior city councils to me to really focus during the recession on tourism doing incentive programs to get new hotels like the Kimpton Rowan that doesn't exist anywhere else and really make that change when I first came here food here was prime rib and what they would call surf and turf we're done right that's changed too that's change I would say when I came here people would ask you know what are your favorite restaurants and I have to sort of think about it and now I really have to think about it not because there's so few but there are so many that's a real change all right so we're we going for breakfast you want a non vegan sure I know whatever you want well okay right now I'm reading mostly give let me give you what I would tell friends to go I know those other people those other people who I still love and adore so lose California bistro right in downtown palm springs set out on the patio watch everything everyone passed by great restaurant great for breakfast all right and when we ordering there well your New Yorker so you probably heard about I would order if you eat meat homemade corned beef hash with reproach shags and really process what state the results that you're going high tech you can see that in palm springs a lot people are on vacation really good really really good time and lunch lunch I go to Spencer's right at the tennis club at the mountain it's only two blocks off palm canyon other tennis clubs got history tennis club has great history think they're Morrow it's a great place you play and you look at the mountains and sometimes you have to put yourself that you actually get to do that and for me that I live here get to do that beautiful restaurant with a gorgeous outdoor patio filled with trees with heating and air conditioning so the patios open twelve months a year and a really special lunch my favorite on a special occasion Maine lobster Cobb salad still when I think of palm springs I immediately think of Maine lobster of course you do and dinner dinner right in downtown also Valerie's it's been here forty years French restaurant view the full patio with huge ficus trees and one of my favorite restaurants in the city and for will call fine dining what we're definitely call fine dining my favorite thing is to start with escargot and then the doctor with the figure cherry sauce whichever they currently have this is radio everybody but the mayor weighs two pounds so I hate it after that menu they have to take me out of the stretch run complete tennis with me tomorrow I'll do it okay mayor Jeff course right here in palm springs Mr mayor thanks for joining us thanks so much for your show we really appreciate to see with a lobster in the dark course where there I know that's what worries back with more from the outlook Ali at the resort casino and spa right here in Rancho Mirage California as I am travel continues with it without the doctor right after.

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