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And being a mother. And that's wrong right. You know and and I think that's why it bothers me when I hear people disparage any group. Any voting block for not being energized. For instance right. Because I think that we have a tendency to look at groups who vote in smaller numbers as you know not being motivated right and. That's not really what's happening. I mean I think if we made it easier for people like this woman that you just described to vote and you know to have childcare and all those other things that working at democracy. I think that we would see you. Know Higher turnout. That's right. The system needs to open up and particularly now in a pandemic situation where you have people literally a getting sick and dying because they wanted to vote as we saw in Wisconsin so there needs to be a recognition that people have the right to vote. People have the right to vote in a healthy and safe way and in the manner in which they choose so the increase in vote by mail access to vote by mail. No excuse vote by mail critically important not requiring signatures not requiring witnesses on vote by mail in an era of social distancing having increased early voting very very important with social distancing increasing the number of polling locations. So that again you can have people vote. On Election Day with social distancing so accessing the right to vote needs to happen and a lot of ways and we need to make sure that their resources are there in the states so that we allow every citizen who wants to vote. We afford them the opportunity to vote and right. Now what's going on is some members of Congress are trying to starve the election administration system to suppress voting. Right two questions for you. What do you think is behind the resistance to moving to vote by mail and to secondly let the? This is probably less of a question comment. You're absolutely right about the signature. Because even in my state in Washington State we've had vote by mail for awhile and they're still a signature requirement. Which is I? Don't really understand the purpose of that because it leaves it open to interpretation ballot thrown out because they think that signatures don't match so what's behind that two issues. One is for example in the I'm in North Carolina. You have to have two witnesses to watch you sign young watch you having signed the ballot before you mail it in or a notary getting to witnesses in an era of social distancing and in a pandemic is pretty much not so much if you so. That's not going to happen. So that requirement deeds to be just gone away. I it's it's it's a silly requirement on because you can trace whether or not an individual has voted people are given particular codes and so you know voting by mail. It's one of the safest as you know ways to vote in the country. So that's silly so the other issue that you raised which is an important issue is signature matching and we need to do a lot better job and again. We need to resource election administrators and they're stabs to hire signature experts. I mean I don't know about you but my signature has certainly changed. Since the first time I registered to vote in the first time I voted and I won't tell you how many years ago but it was a while and my signature has changed pretty dramatically and young people. Now I mean if you think about using a credit card and all you have to do is wave your hand up and down and sign. You know the magic little thing you know. You're good to go so the accuracy of people's signature. It's not that they're not using their signature. It's at their signatures are changing and we need to have signature. If you're going to do signature matching to understand that change. And if there's an issue allow the voter time to then come back and either correct. Mis interpretation or demonstrate that their signature is their signature with proof. So that's a whole other issue and all of this is designed in some ways. Yes people want voting to be accurate and that's very very important but some of these measures increase the inaccuracy of voting and increase the denial of the right to vote. Because you have people who don't really know too much about signature matching. You only have one person doing it as opposed to a few people doing it. There's no appeals mechanism and some in many cases so it's a system that really needs to be addressed and I think people are beginning to understand. This and states are beginning responsible. States are beginning to address some of the issues that are built in to Challenges with vote by mail but their challenges with any system as you know the challenges with the accuracy of you know any system but they are so small. I mean it's such a small small. Small percentage of people and a small percentage of the problem that vote by mail is overwhelmingly one of the most successful ways. People have us to exercise their right to vote and they wanNA use it now. I mean we just did some research. We've done a number of research projects. Democrats Independents Republicans. All want to vote by mail all want the opportunity to by mail so we need to recognize what the citizens of this country want and give them the opportunity to vote as they wish. How much of that do you think? Think you know the messaging that's out there. How much of that do you think is you know? Making people believe or sitting out the messaging that it's problematic for voter which there is no evidence to support that I mean. Do you think that that misinformation is part of the reason? There isn't even greater support for vote by meal. There's that's a false narrative and they're they that false narrative is sort of you know going against the overwhelming majority opinion of wanting to vote by mail and so that false narrative comes out of fear as we have seen as the president. Said if you the more people who vote and the more people who acts as voting by mail basically the more people who vote it would hurt his partisan interests and so that's a very sad statement that you are so afraid of voters that you would begin a false narrative and try to deny the right to vote to people who wanNA in a healthy and safe way. It's a sad statement added it really lays bare the fear that some some of the Republican Party have a voters rate. I think he said the quiet part loud. Yes.

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