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On the mouth but to finally breakthrough where he's been criticised so often no he hit the nail on the head creighton kershaw will go down in history it grady on her our great richard in her ever being ridden about heck you're over the last decade and i think there's nobody you can argue that over that thing brandy project picture on the planet but when you think of clayton kershaw in the postseason you have it in your in your head or in hanging it had blow on the mound after giving up another backbreaking home run that you know may or may not have eliminated the dodgers on the postseason he had that proverbial monkey on her back uh throughout his entire postseason career uh from prime it warranted uh for you firstly it seventh inning woes are very well documented but sometimes not you know i tweeted out earlier could you know quite that or career postseason dark in the nl yet or this year and he had one runup support in those or game one run came in a 9to1 lock ricardo eliminated and the two thousand thirteen so now in two thousand seventeen and the first game he got five runs reported he'd get the win and now in the game uh he get eleven runs a report so he added fact that time in fact quite encouraged a threat after the game uh that before the game or even took them out or they came out he called him i got your back the night and then he goes out there hit three home run so uh he definitely credited he may but i know that for him uh just to be able to say he's going through the world theory if you have older either picture on the mound that and reamker the world theory and in the locker him but i know he want or more when and if you check out michaels twitter account he posted a video of clayton on mound at wrigley field after the stands are empty and celebration is over with his two young children it's pretty cute michael is covering the dodgers in chicago for nbc la it's after hours with amy lawrence here on cbs sports radio this dodgers team ends up with co mvp's.

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