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This has got to stop and hopefully this program will incentive incentivize good Samaritans to do the right thing down this things I've heard in New York, Brooklyn state Senator Martin golden full on moron. And a retired cop will introduce a new good Samaritan law to shield civilians from liability. If they help cops Bill still being drafted. Oh, okay. So this isn't even push through yet as he's a great a maroon early. This is some paper. I'm reading the current good Samaritan law does not. Is it the post because that could actually be in the post all? In all fairness, they had a lot of opinion changes the word maroon. The current good Samaritan law does not protect citizens who assist first responders is my intent as a great aim maroon to introduce legislation in the Senate that corrects this shortcoming. I just put my. They could've left that statement out. I feel like. Statement. An existing law covers those who give medical aid ailing persons without expectation of reward. While this is the next logical step. See if your doctor and you see somebody having a heart attack when working with the police, you may jump in for no compensation. The next step tackle this shit out of somebody being asked to get out of their car and stand there and wait for a payday. A union made up of other Maroons will pay for wards, but it's a ficials hope that pro cop groups and private individuals will pitch in with the money. Yeah. Idiots continued to say they didn't give many details about what would constitute enough help to Warner reward. Yeah. Why year down? Sure. Yeah. Although the union. This is. That's real paper. All of the union noted that grabbing and holding suspect the cops would chasing qualify. Legally when somebody says hands up, don't shoot. They're not talking to you a fellow civilian, right? And you make carry on with your actions. Okay. They said a panel of experts would rule whether any assistance merited a payout experts in what? Yes. Ex experts expert video camera. When the experts are done, training, teachers, how to shoot guns. Experts will then judge shouldn't cops be so offended that we're trying to give a guns to teachers and and the ability to just chime into their work. Can you imagine like librarians don't let us do that. This article with a little embarrassment is from the New York Post page. Eleven. If you would like to rip it out, like I did and curate around with you like a bag. Well, you can also carry it. And then when the Cup goes, what the fuck are you doing? Pull that out and go, hey, where's my five hundred dollars off? Pay up. I think two hundred cash now. Well, he highlighted what I love about. Easy highlight you highlight the most important or is comedic silly parts. And that thing is covered in yellow highlighter. You have been earlier all I saw across shove shit. Oh, come on high lighters that I waste. Swipe. Some support the union plan as half the world is made up of complete jackass. I love that idea said a police source who probably has a family whose hopefully his wife is fucking as friends. Now you're actually going to have people out there trying to help stop crimes. But others thought would just raise new problems. They think tank got them sitting. I like the others like others, but I'm already of people who heard this, but here's the others. These others also real shit birds saying why not just appeal to people to try to help a cop? What did we have to pay them? Fizeau high ranking police source and somebody that tries to correct so head. His problem is the finances of it. Yeah, that's what he has an issue because you're in society. How about instead of a five hundred dollar ward? Maybe a gift certificates to off Off is. is or Starbucks or target. You help save the day and take me out for. In the air of Trump and the alt-right says, a civil liberties grew. This is going to be great..

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