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Dot com it Jerry Krause is still getting the most votes I phrase it this way this is this Paul I'm sure it's been done twenty years ago who do you blame for the end of the bulls dynasty and I gave you four options let me know if you guys think there could have been another I gave for options it was Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf fill Jackson or father time those are the four that I get that I would have chosen the owner because ultimately he has he has final say military yeah I mean Jerry Krause again I didn't look at this is at the very end they could have salvaged there was so much damage John through the course and you've highlighted and documented it whether it was Tim Floyd Seattle or eighty two unknown Phil still not coming back or you know Jerry screaming the chant you know organizations win championships that that foundation had been laid significantly earlier than that final season right but all of that could have been circumvented even more so now I think Jerry Reinsdorf has taken this opportunity through this documentary docu series to try and give you a different outlook or different perspective on that but at the end of the day he had final say right like sherry Rogers said I called Phil you don't want to come right exactly you know what they used to tell me about getting a lot of retirement well load up the plane bring Michael tell Michael Michael we're bringing you back we're going to do everything we can to get fell back let's go we're going to Montana we're not gonna store we're not accepting no for an answer I mean there are many different ways than saying Hey I call the media want to come back to what you want me to DO well in Jerry kept saying to and I've read several different articles where he kept referencing that it was Phil had determined it was time the infill maybe would have not determined that that was the time had he not had such a contentious relationship right with Jerry Krause over the course of you know several years it built to the point where it was time for Phil but you could have circumvented that if you would handle the relationship different I read another piece where I guess at the end Phil sat down with Jerry at sometime when they were you know the the Lakers were in Arizona and he told Jerry Reinsdorf that he wanted to smooth things over with Jerry Krause and let bygones be bygones and I believe Jerry Reinsdorf reach out to cross according to this article and Jerry Krause said now yeah that mean member Jerry Krause didn't go to Michael in this hall of fame induction because quote he was boycotting for tex winter now I get your stance on tax winner but this is the guy who's the only guy you draft you keep preaching organizations win championships and now you're saying you're not going because of the to end like that those are all terrible walks in and stuff that yes maybe he got a raw deal in the big picture but he also he could have done so much more than them it took to make this story easier on himself and he always chose to step in the pope three one two three three two three seven seven six we'll take all of your phone calls chasing here joins us at three o'clock listening one silver yes P..

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