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But I don't know it's interesting. But yeah, it seems like for me the hits ended up being the repeats don't WanNa? Be cliche but it happened it happened sauce frequently. So it is what it is. Sometimes it is. And I, mean the same for me a big now on the gun I would skip that. You know what? Though I totally agree with you Arrow that a lot of those instrumentals are so pretty but then I felt like they would just be ruined by like what he was trying to. Saying. Especially, like those moments where it really feels like there's some kind of breathing space or and it's not so aggressive and loud like the. Surprising delicate. Of some of the tracks was like actually pretty interesting for me like just listening back on it. Like there was so much sexuality in that and I was like such a repress teenager and like young adult that like, I feel like this was like. Songs that were sexual in nature just in general I feel like we're of porn to me. It's like Oh. They're singing about sex. Thank. You know like sexy music whatever. But like yeah I mean, it was pretty dark and for closer like even though I feel like the music is like really good in closer I just I couldn't. Get over the lyrics and also just like remembering the crazy video that came along with the pigs spinning and it was like Super Juicy Apple. No. Wild it was Paul Gac Paul geico apple I don't remember. What it could be birth. The Catholic. I don't know. But Yeah I actually appreciate the sexiness of like I actually think his wasted sexier when it's like quiet quiet. Moments then when he's like screaming he's like this really nice tone that I think like if there is like a whole song where it was like just that I'd be fine with it. and. I think those first couple albums used very comfortable talking about sex like it just kind of like. The weird nature came along and a balanced, his these relationships he's talking about and whatnot listening to closer again I'm just like, wow, he made a like a baby. I was just 'cause I again same midwestern young like not super like knowing what's going on like. Really was talking about a very intense lake. Like, SME kind of like. Very, it's an intense relationship. He's talking about there like that exchange of power and it sounds like a very different song for when like a teenager you just hearing like provocative words actually listening to what is now you're like, wow, that's that's a dynamic that's going on you're making A. Choice this relationship of what the sexes. So. But yeah. He didn't seem very afraid of that. It's like you know Playing with a lot of like gender roles I mean also that you know once you find out that he was in Cillizza, very big Bowie fan that I think he took like kind of industrial goth version of it that. kind of dressing like things that were traditionally four women Fish Nets and long kind of hair like shaded is like very kind of hugging. If you ever saw like if you watch videos like they were very affectionate on like a male affection but for somebody in the Midwest or these guys that like that was their first night, it's stale song they're pumping or going to the venue to see like him in robbing from the band like hugging in like bracy here whatever like draped over each other Improv is very weird for like some people like woes for Senate seat. It's it's a hell of a hell of a album is over single. In the things he's pretty outscore..

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