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Maybe your family support she's someone inside you can get yourself together and stuff but i mean that's not the norm right the numerous people actually come out and falling face the west thing is when i look at like the young black man who are being sentenced to long prison sentences they come out if they don't have that support system so many times when like this documentary on netflix uncle was quotas about more like the american prison system fifteen thirteen even as more i watched i and i was like just uphold and i look at the young black men here and the ship awaits them when the out by the time they've been in for so long they come out and i'm like can walk how how how good is prison as a solution to rehabilitation a figure that the same time the i don't want to be romantic that you've done something bad you should be treated really really well because technically you've done something bad but how do you go back into sites to do some soul good i think i think i i think think the the problem is that one prison doesn't rehabilitate the way it should i know so the prisons and societies don't work well together to help that person get back into the world so you can be rehabilitated in imprison it doesn't do a massive amount good if when you come out your stigmatized you you can't get your yukon.

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