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Hammered for a date you should know shrill honor of mexico fours for the bartender serves you over france at the battle of puebla during the franco mexican war eighteen sixty one eight seven despite having small band of fighters the mexicans were able to defeat the massive french army on me v eight hundred sixty two go so that's what and then you also suggested that we do by mexican characters which is fine a fine topic and i wasn't trying to just be the connection tarian the night then to ideas but i i kind of fought for this when i'll be honest why i recently got an email from a listener and had a little bit of critiquing in it constructive criticism and i took it hard and i just got that email probably the night before that you suggested this and i think that this guy had a pretty good a point which was we've been doing a lot of scenes and or characters or secondary things to films and it's been awhile since we've just on top five films films understand so that's kinda why fought for it i thought maybe there was a point to that and in doing my list this week brian i don't think i've had a list five films that i could stand behind as strong in very good i think that that listener might have been onto something crossover is soon cross four language films they tend to feel like homework such white films as well and i can promise you that all five of my films any of which if you have not seen will not be like homework and you can enjoy them baskin them strong strong list well done very exciting for mine to all films i like.

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