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Team even if he's just a special teams in depth piece. Think about a better jordan. Dangerfield antoine brooks a. He was another player who got a lot of talk. He didn't get in front of the media he might tomlin spoke about him. Mandatory minicamp saying he could have a bigger role this season. He was a drafted player. In twenty twenty in traynor. Would i still think the steelers loved him and we could actually have him in the cornerback discussion as well. I like what you said. Dave when were getting to the cornerback. She said i have them ten ten defensive backs making the team because some of these players malesherbes norwood They can play multiple positions so they could be technically on both of these depth charges. But still i like. I like that five that you have as well. So that's a total of twenty five on the defensive side of the ball. Do some very basic math than even jeff hartmann can do. That's fifty so that leaves us to specialists especial teams and this is normally something that we would just kinda who Here we go. Let's go over the three players. They're going to make the team. Maybe not so much this year you have make it from the specialists well as of right now camera candidate is really long snapper on the on the roster so true that's right i forgot is there. Is he a linebacker long snapper. That's what you've gotta ask. Tom and loves position versatility. Yes but he's been around for. I think this'll be his third camp so he's one of those guys that they liked to have around just in case but i don't think he's gonna knock candidate off the roster And then of course. It's not the they did. Bring in another kicker. But it's not he's not gonna knock off chris. Boswell unless there's a big problem it's mainly to keep boswell from having to kick too much through the preseason. And i have. I've got big press. I've got big press making it as at the punter over jordan berry and the biggest reason is if you go back in the history of the pittsburgh steelers. Drafting punters players. That were strictly punters. You know i'm not talking back in in nineteen thirty nine where you draft a guy. That's that's a half back a linebacker and upon her and the placekicker. I'm not talking that. But if you're drafting a guy that is a punter only upon her. They've never drafted. One did not kick every game of their rookie year. So for that reason. I think they go with the guy. They drafted so i obviously boswell. I agree with you. He's the guy he's going to be the player. That and i hope they give him kind of the ben roethlisberger treatment because he was had those nagging injuries last year. I think it was hip hip with kicker. That's a horrible injury to have. You don't want him to develop any those type of injuries in training camp. So boswell's the kicker candidates probably along sanford barring and injury in then presley. Harvard in the third. You know i remember. I joined the curtain call about three weeks ago now and they were talking about presley harbin. The third big presses. I call and thank thankfully. No one is picking up on Briny anthony davis is elvis. Je is horrible. it's what anyways big press. Because he's a big guy and he'd president a lot of weight if you check out what he did at georgia tech. I talked about how you know last year. We were all excited just me. I was excited when buried in. Make the team. They signed dustin colquitt. Anything in sweet here. We go and then he ends up coming coming back Personally harvard is going to have to play well. And i'll probably celebrate if he's still the partner at the second half so after the second half of the season if presley harvard is still the punter. Maybe that's when i will celebrate and i'll do a little diddy or something like that on the show for all those out there my writer dai crews had been wanting to hear me mates. They always. I always talk about all right as song and i'll sing song. Maybe i'll do a song. Is you have jeff. Would you look at some of the longest averages for the season in punting have been in recent years with jordan berry being the owner. I do not have a problem with jordan. Berry i do i. I have a problem with the inconsistency. It's not that he can't punt. Well it's just that he doesn't always punt well and i understand that and an honestly the biggest thing that i like with the steelers is if they see that their weaker and they could get better that. They're not afraid to do what they need to do to get better. And last year after dusted cocaine the steelers realized they could get better at punting by bringing jordan barry back and they did. I just want them to be good at it. I don't care who it is. I don't have a problem with anyone like you do. I just want them to be good at. And now you're right you're right. I have a problem with barry even sure what it is. I i absorbed that narrative. Now you can't you can't you can't backtrack on that. I'm i'm i'm way in the deep end to this thing. There's no backing out. So all right so there. You have it folks. That's our prediction for this 53-man roster we know we're going to be wrong but it's just fun to go through it. If you want to communicate with us you can find us on twitter. I am at j hartman h. Ertms underscore pat can find him at s. t. l. Superfan dad follow us. You can talk about this if you don't wanna do twitter a lot of people like i'm not doing i'm not tweeting or anything. Go to behind the steel curtain dot com..

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