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Four at Chicago's lakefront. I'm Vic Vaughn in the WGN. Radio newsroom, and these are the stories that matter on seven twenty WGN. Will. Yeah. All right. Welcome back everybody Nick Gilio here on seven twenty WGN and it's wild wildcard Wednesday. And. Yeah. Three one two nine eight one seven two hundred is the phone number any artists any song anything Peter indicator. Louis prima akili Smith with a black magic that his request. Hey, we're talking about thanksgiving movies in some of your traditions, if you have traditions, if you don't watch football, do you watch any movies or anything like that? And we'll get this more. I want to hear from you. It's three one two nine eight one seven two hundred for talking taxed three oh, nine coaches. We used to always have a blockbuster on Thursday night until the third football game was added. When did they add the third football game? Dan. It's been within the last five years. Okay. Three one area code says years ago for some reason W O R TV in New York used to the nineteen thirty three King Kong every thanksgiving. I like that tradition. I'm all for that. Nineteen thirty three King Kong on thanksgiving. That's cool. Yeah. Right. I remember New Year's Eve. Was always Marx brothers movies. Like when my parents would go out to a New Year's Eve party or someplace to celebrate the new year, and I was hanging out at my friend, Dan long, south not the Dan long it works here now, but my childhood friend, Dan long who lived right around the corner from me on ravens would. And I would usually go over there. Maybe spend the night and. We would just watch Marx brothers movies. I think they start. I think the Marx brothers movie started like around maybe ten o'clock at night, they would break. And maybe I think do the countdown like the New Year's countdown, and then they would continue through the night. They would just it'd be marshmallows movie. So there'd be that was New Year's tradition. Marx brothers restriction. I still think they sometimes bring it back. Like, I think sometimes does that on on New Year's. And. So that was always a I mean for me, I always would associate New Year's with Marx brothers. That's definitely from my childhood. Which is weird. I mean, I, you know, I mean, it's cool to just say, hey, we're just gonna show pushing Marx brothers movies on New Year's Eve. And there's no problem with that. Because Marx brothers movies are awesome. So. But yeah. And now, of course, we had the tradition, man. How many years has a Christmas story been on TBS TNT the twenty four hours of a Christmas story? That's that's been going on for a long time. Now that we've got to be like twenty years in maybe to that. Because it's been that's about on for a long time. It's gotta be about twenty years. It nine thousand nine hundred hundred era to combined six times between TBS TNT and ninety six hundred eight times over three days and then in ninety seven that's when they began the twenty four hour. It's twenty twenty years. It's been twenty years since for the twenty four hours. Yeah. And then I think there's another channel that does that now recently has been showing elf for at least the like a like a marathon of L. Yes stars stars nothing. But elf for for Christmas. So we're talking about thanksgiving thanksgiving movies. And and are there any that that anything any things that you do? Maybe unusually as tradition you've got mail is on this thanksgiving movie Louis here. Though, they may fall in love online Kathleen Kelly Meg Ryan. And Joe FOX town Hanks are rivals in real life on the supermarket line. Especially you've got males iconic thanksgiving grocery store scene in which Joe steps in for a cashless Kelly after she mistakenly rings up her items in cash only I'll is one that you can't miss. I don't remember. I don't remember. And I actually I've only seen you've got mail once. But I actually remember liking it. That's the weird thing. I remember thinking it wasn't that bad. But I don't remember that scene. The you, Dan. I don't think I've seen it. Okay. Well, it's hard to tell because you know, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan made fifty three movies together. The blind side. Has a thanksgiving a connection to it? It's hard not to get choked up while watching Michael oher the homeless seventeen year old have thanksgiving dinner for the first time with two weeks. It's this moment that makes him realize. How welcome he is. I don't remember anything about that movie, except they hate it. Does he think I remember movie is that I hate it? And Sandra Bullock, did not deserve the Academy Award that year Ford, not at all. She deserved it for gravity like if they were to give it to her for gravity that would have been much more suited because she's phenomenal and gravity. But no. How about this for the little ones in your group? There's always the Winnie the Pooh thanksgiving. There's nothing like Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh tale to celebrate the holiday what does he do? What are they just serve? Honey. I mean, it's just is is that it. Just to put a big jar Honey on the table and go happy thanksgiving. Is he at least we're pants does. He never wears pants and not even on thanksgiving Winnie. The Pooh wouldn't even put on a pair of pants on thanksgiving. Come on you. If you had if I didn't have to put on pants, I wouldn't put on pants. That'd be Pantelis all the time. Specially on thanksgiving that way, you don't you don't have to adjust the unbuckle your pants. You know, when you eat like fifty four pounds of food. And then you go. Loosen the belt buckle the pants. You don't have to do that. If you're already paying less. You can even eat more. All right. Well, you know what? I am changing my I'm changing my tune on this. I'm glad Winnie the Pooh was Pantelis. But again, he's just gonna eat Honey. Right. I mean. And he'll get his head stuck in the jar. And that'll be a whole there's enough drama on thanksgiving. Sitting with your drunk goals and stuff and. Then everybody starts talking about politics. And then the damn bear gets his head stuck in a bucket of Honey. Then you got call the paramedics. All right. Miracle on thirty fourth street. Sure this festive flick starring Natalie wood and Edmund Gwenn is often associated with Christmas. But the film actually opens during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and since the Christmas season essentially starts that the day after thanksgiving. The movie really is totally on theme. Hey, you know, what movie you can watch for two to touch all holiday seasons or all holidays in the season holiday season the full holiday season trading places. Trading places starts right before thanksgiving. It ends right after new years, and it covers all covers all the holidays. And also, it's hilarious. Yeah. That's the that's the all purpose holiday movie. If you guys are looking for a movie to watch during the holiday season. That's the one because.

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