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Bring in Matt bear from the. Wwl traffic. Center because we're discussing. What's going on Meridian and of course they're continuing. Here in Indianapolis with red line construction This terrible idea we're not gonna get into whether or not I. Think it's a terrible idea oh I think it's a terrible idea We're not gonna get into What I really think about the people. Who liked, the red line. You know I'm not gonna I'm not gonna. Get into that at all I want. To get into what's going on right now Because Paris Lebel. Artistes six reporting we've got the story WABC dot com That Meridian being, shutdown between shutdown between eighteen and thirty eight, while there was very little it seems there was very little notification now are we talking about these, lanes shut down with minimal. Notice or are we talking about other areas math or shutdown with minimal. We're. Talking about Meridian street eighteenth street up to thirty eight th street? Okay this was done with minimum. Notice is you know what I'm saying and others are two right. Now I mean it's a little bit frustrating really caught commuters, by, surprise yesterday, I had a nice lady Komi yesterday afternoon and say hey you, know I'm on Meridian street right now. Right around, a short. Shortridge school and that's right around thirty four street she said I'm stuck I don't know. What to do what's going on here You know I kind, of, had an, inkling that might be Redline construction so we started digging around and, yeah that's exactly what is happening right. Now they, are doing. Some infrastructure work and doing some. Things with the sidewalks This is going to. Be, going on for quite some time again. The construction zone as eighteenth. Street up to thirty. Eight street, where they're going to be. Putting the, high speed bus but. It's not the only construction zone I coming in today I I come different ways all the time just see what's going on I'm on fall creek I turned I wanna? Turn south Meridian I couldn't and it. Stopped. Me, there were blockades up, the way that I turned around and just continue to capitol. And and continued to head down to the. Station and people are noticing, how are these, no left turn signs that are up yeah, well with the red line one has to. Question. Whether or, left turns allowed at all so, maybe something to get. Used, to it we've been talking about this like for example on college where. It's going to destroy businesses we've discussed this with with mowing Janis? Up. There you know yachts is. Up there, jazz kitchen a bunch of others well you can't make the. The left right only at at at, certain areas can you make left because. Of how the whole thing is designed yeah so get used to know Left turns yeah that's going to be a big thing and since, you mentioned college avenue in the red line heading up there I mean any star had a really good of about, some concerns with the people in the Meridian Kessler area you. Know, near college and central avenue basically allowed. This is going to be. Pushed off the central. Avenue and, if you've been on central. Before you, know it's already kind. Of a drag strip okay so they're going out and they're putting up these speed bumps and other things and they're converting several four way stops in the two way stopped? And the residents are like whoa whoa. Whoa. We, don't want that well, I swear to you the last thing in the world indigo. Or the city county council worried about what. The people want that's that, is completely and, totally obvious now this is the same city, that voted for the tax increase so this. Could. Get paid, for so sometimes you get what, it is you deserve. But, that said this is still a terrible idea it's continues to be a. Terrible idea but the story here is that according to Paris out? EMS. Was not notified emergency medical Services not notified of this happening so they've had to change routes they weren't prepared. It, takes them longer to get the people. This that no notification was given is a serious issue in one that, I believe, is a firing offense you don't let us know when there's going to be a road closure or, road changes, yeah that's that is certainly something you. Can't allow that is certainly something that you have to. Say you know what that's beyond the, pale that's beneath us you can't make that phone. Call. To emergency services so they can take care of people were more interested in, roads and we are on people that's an issue someone has to get fired for that this, is, my, point, of view I want. To, know and I I've said I'd like to hear from, indigo to see if there wasn't deed minimal conversation not only minimal. Notice of this but if there was. Any conversation about notifying EMS not I want to know who's responsible and he gets fired I haven't. Heard from them yet I am shocked shocked that. I have not heard from them yet if I. Do I will let you now but. If you wanna know more about the madness and what what this red line is actually Doing to. Us right now never mind in the future w obviously dot com is where you go now Napa know.

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