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Twelve homes and buildings in threatening six hundred more lake county the fire zero percent contained fueled by a radic winds low humidity and blistering temperatures heating through the phone dry brush off the plane you could do on your skin at checkout to nearby buildings for the two hundred firefighters attacking from the air while jumping on hot spots a dangerous game of whackamole near john mathis is home last night it sounds like one point the fire cutting off the main road trapping residents looking to escape firefighters have quite a challenge on their hands out here but they're fighting this fire aggressively both from on the ground and in the air abc's will car a call to san francisco police stirring up some controversy permit this woman on the phone with police about an eight year old girl she says was loudly selling water outside her apartment for hours the child's mom confronting the caller she comes out the mir permit granddaughter she said he didn't give it to her then she called the cops so i called the lady called the police on me because i did have a permit the scene in a residential neighborhood near san francisco's at and t park friday air it austin sharing the video on instagram it's now been seen hundreds of thousands of times the woman on the phone allison adult tells abc news she never spoke to the girl but says her building security guard i tried to get her and her mother to keep the noise down or move saying she did phone the police but not to report them she simply wanted to know if what they were doing was legal and austin posted on instagram showing her daughter is back at it selling water again adrian baker time now for lifebeat as we head into summer and kids play more and more outside the chance for injury goes up so how do we know whether to go to urgent care or just take care of it at home dr that is an anywhere near one of the more vital organs like the is the genital area or your face i would say that you probably want to get it looked at sooner than later simply because these areas are sometimes very hard to examine and the plead cuts to the scalp face and mouth are likely to bleed the most and that can be truly alarming for a parent but oftentimes the bleeding is scarier than the injury itself however obviously there are times when the laceration is much more serious if a wounded gaping in nature which means that you don't if you put it together quite doesn't come together than all likelihood of is something which will need an extra level of.

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